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Hello again, Dead Reapers.

Some of you may be confused - there will be a question & answer post tomorrow where if you don't understand anything, it will all be sorted out.

However, now is the time for the villains. The bad guys. The people who we will be fighting (at least for a start). Alike with the characters post, we need to post our villains in the same manner we did with our OCs. However, we will also need to think about their reasons. Their reasons for behaving a certain way. Will it be revenge, or something more personal?

We have also decided that there will be a mix up of our OCs and the villains later on in the story. We're keeping it simple for a start, BUT their reasons will have an effect on who works with who later on. So it might be helpful to also say who they could, and could not, get on with, looking back at the characters on the previous post.

If your villains are dead - I have that covered. The first part of the story that I will post (thanks for pointing that out, Brad), will give a short prologue about it. If you could also add "deceased" if they're dead, or "living" if they're not, would also be appreciated.

Some of your characters may be bad guys, or have evil intentions - or just enjoy torturing people. You will be on the side of the other villains for the start, though when everything mixes up it'll be fine.

As stated in the previous post, there is an aspect of my story that I would like to have added in. It's not a new character as such, though it could come in useful. I have nearly finished the part, and if you could all read it it would be appreciated to help to understand what I'm talking about. You do not have to read any other part of my story to understand this. After people have read it, I will tell you what I was thinking in terms of a link to the plot.


  1. Name: Ytol Heas.
    Age: Unknown.
    Appearance: Short, black hair, green eyes and has a slight beard.
    Clothing: He normally wears a black suit.
    Magical Ability: Uh, everything. He was the son of Mevolent and an indestructible woman. He was born an elemental, but couldn't be hurt by anything. However, he used technology to boost his magical ability, but it went wrong and gave himself every power possible. It is rumoured that he had found the "source" of magic to use in his experiments, though it is unconfirmed.
    Status: Deceased. Killed by Dragona Pine, Cabader and Komodo Devious using a sword infused with all magic.
    History: As stated above, was the son of Mevolent and a woman who was indestructible. When he grew up he decided to try and make himself more powerful, and used technology to do so. His test went slightly wrong, and he instead gained every power in the world. He also made several robotic suits, which he made copies of and gave to some of his followers. The SOS tried to stop him giving himself more powers but they were unsuccessful.
    Ytol then went into hiding under a different name - Technikis Harubar. He claimed to only be able to control electricity and made friends with Dragona Pine, whom he had plans for.
    He gave Dragona one of the robotic suits, but he had (in secret) made the power source drain his magic, which he used to power a machine which could recreate DNA and other memories.
    He was in contact with The Scorpion, an arms dealer who the SOS, with help from Dragona, took down - though it resulted in the death of all those who entered his villa (including Dragona himself).
    However, Ytol had visited many dimensions and was in contact with several different versions of Dragona Pine, including a vampire, a demon hunter, a criminal from the future, an assassin in Constantinople and an elf. He caused the death of every single one of them, which (unknown to him) caused a chain reaction and their souls all joined together. Since they weren't technically dead, the elf managed to make a spell which brought Dragona back to life (though he could hear all the other different versions in his head).
    The magic Ytol used to power the machine, since it ran on Dragona's energy, wouldn't work if Dragona died. So he was rather pleased with how it had worked out. But he knew that, if Dragona wasn't dealt with, he could have posed a serious threat to his plan. To he made another device. It was infused with magic and, upon being turned on, it would put Dragona into a coma meanwhile his brain was transported into an apocalyptic world Ytol had designed.
    However, Hawk had hacked into the apocalyptic world and transported himself inside it. This was the first time Hawk had actually helped Dragona. Hawk told Dragona that the world he was in wasn't real, and that he could give himself powers. Dragona gave himself every power to help deal with the zombies, which he infused into a sword but it was lost.
    Ytol had only built the world in a single city, so Dragona and Hawk managed to escape back to reality by just exiting the apocalyptic Dublin.
    Meanwhile, Ytol used the machine to recreate Mevolent's DNA inside himself, and to get all of his memories. Ytol became Mevolent, and Dragona engaged him in a fight. During the battle, Dragona realised that the sword that had been flung across the apocalyptic world could have been transported to reality, so he sent Komodo Devious to look for it with help from the assassin in his head. Komodo managed to retrieve the sword, but Dragona was reduced to using the robotic suit that would drain his magic as a form of a weapon to try and battle Mevolent.
    Komodo brought the sword back, though Ytol (Mevolent) managed to break it into three pieces, that prevented their plan from happening.
    However, Dragona, Cabader and Komodo each took a piece of the sword and stabbed Ytol with it, and since it was infused with all the magic (which Ytol himself had) it was able to injure him and take away his immortality.
    Dragona then killed Ytol.

  2. NOTE: If Ytol came back to life, he would be himself, not Mevolent. He would also be out to seek revenge on Dragona and Cabader (since Komodo isn't in this story). He would be back to full strength and wouldn't be beaten so easily again.
    He could possibly get along with Nicollo.

    1. He sounds like the kind of person Niccolò would tolerate, but again, he doesn't like making his existence known, so they probably wouldn't meet. And Niccolò doesn't really like anyone.

  3. Name: Durham Laslit.

    Age: 129, looks - unknown.

    Gender: Male.

    Clothes: Black full-body armour and a full-face helmet. It's generally like a motorcycle helmet but is elongated and lighter, it is the shape of a dragon's head.

    Personality: Ruthless and deadly, he has a heart of pure evil and will stop at nothing to kill lots of people. He is at the top of the Sanctuary's "Most Wanted" list and has so far evaded capture. He is more than a match for anyone, excluding Cabader.

    Family: Durham is the son of "The Unnamed", and therefore is immensely powerful.

    Magical Ability: He can control a form of white energy, rumoured to be pure magic. With it he can change form, blast enemies, make things move, and can control electronic objects. He can change into any form he can either imagine, or has already seen. When he blasts enemies, the magic causes the effect of a bomb on the desired target, he can also use it to blast open doors and destroy everything in a fifty metre radius. He can control electronic objects, but not make them grow legs or change form, unless they already have the ability to do so. He can only use the object's existing abilities for his own desires. He can also heal himself and is rumoured to be able to have a degree of mental control over people.

    Weapons: Everything is built into his armour. He has guns which slide out of the arms, which he can channel his magic through, and can sprout blades from the wrists.

    Vehicle / Mode Of Transportation: A type of rollar-blade type wheels that slide out from his feet, and a black kawasaki ninja.

    Friends: He has worked with Hawk in the past.

    Enemies: Everyone who gets in his way.

    Likes: Causing massive explosions.

    Dislikes: Skulduggery Pleasant and anyone else who stops him from blowing stuff up.

    History: Durham Laslit saw Dragona and Hawk's bad relationship as a chance to do something "good". He implanted the idea into Hawk's head that he should attempt to kill their parents, which he fufilled. He managed to convince Dragona to think of his Porsche appearing in the 20th century as normal, and did so as it had a Remnant inside (in the space it had for an artificial intelligence). The Porsche kidnapped Dragona and took him to Durham's base thing, where he was working with Hawk. Dragona managed to defeat Durham with help from another one of my OCs, but Hawk managed to escape.

  4. Durham could get along with Ytol Heas as he would be motivated to get revenge on Dragona the same thing, though he wouldn't get along with Hawk due to the fact he survived when Ytol didn't.

  5. Name: Sapphire Darenas
    Age:20 looks 31
    Magic: Technology
    History: A geek in school who discovered magic and ran tests on it and infused it in herself however she put two much in and went mad she was nearly killed by Malduggery. She is now hiding waiting for revenge. She has a secret about Malduggery which she is waiting to use against Malduggery

  6. Name: Unknown (no one knows his actual name) people refer to him as "Hawk."
    Gender: Male
    Age: 100, looks 20.
    Occupation: Ninja, or if the price is right, Ninja Assassin.
    Magic: Adept, has two powers: 1. All movements of his are silent. 2. Has the speed of a cleaver.
    Nationality: English
    Clothes: Always wears black. Has a full-face mask, much like a balaclava and wears tinted ski-type goggles to cover his eyes. "Hawk" always wears ninja-style clothing, a black top and black trousers, specially made. They are very mobile clothes. He has a belt containing throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol, and also some smoke grenades that he rarely uses. The smoke grenades are only for an emergency escape.
    Personality: Mysterious. Doesn't give anything away. He speaks with an authoritative tone of voice, and doesn't use apostrophes, eg: Instead of "Can't" he says "Can not." He is ruthless, but likes to have his friends around him. He can be friendly.
    History: Most of it is unknown. No one knows (apart from Dragona) where he was born, and he has no accent to give it away. He is trained in unarmed and armed combat, being able to kill people before they can even blink in hundreds of different ways. Hawk is a master of all known fighting styles.
    Favourite weapons: Twin katanas in a crossed scabbard which is strapped to his back. Them are the weapons he uses most often, but he has throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol which he uses with pin-point accuracy. He never misses.
    Transport: A sleek black motorbike with a prototype exhaust which allows him to travel silently, but he can turn it off if he so wishes.
    Weaknesses: None that anyone knows of, but his magic is combat based, not magical. So he needs to be close to someone to be able to kill them, long range weapons are effective against him, if he doesn't dodge them of course.
    Likes: Having his friends around him.
    Dislikes: Long range weapons.
    Enemies: Everyone who gets in his way. They normally end up dead.
    In 3 words: Silent, ruthless, unstoppable.

    He COULD get along with Dragona if he needed to. Especially if they had a common enemy.

  7. Oh, and as for Hawk's reasons... his dislike (not hate) of Dragona, and maybe if he had been paid then it could have been a good reason to. Or if someone on our team hurt someone who he liked.

  8. One thing that I DO want to happen is Dragona, Hawk and Cabader working together. I don't care who else with but seriously, it'd be awesome. ^^

  9. I dont actually know because I don't necsarrily have an enemy anyone thats a villian is my yeah

    1. Yeah, I'm sort of the same... We don't have any real devastating constant-threat criminals around the American Sanctuary...

  10. Zafira, that's fine. You can use some other people's if you want. ^^


    New story on my blog. This is the part that I'd like you all to read. I want to use the thing what the story is about in Dead Reaping.

  12. It might add a twist into the story, knowing the fact that no one would know who it was...

  13. Dragona and Brad and everyone. Do ye know how to pronunce my name?

  14. And, Brave, could you read my fanfic that I posted up there? It is to do with Dead Reaping. I want to use what it's about in this story.

  15. I have to go now. Night guys!

    And keep posting villains if you haven't done already or want to use some more!

  16. Uh.
    Can I just, like, repeat what I said in the last post? :P
    I don't have anything to add YET, but I won't be joining YET, anyway. Spare-time-thoughts will occur, and I'll have something when the time is right, I swear. :P

  17. Rosa Evergreen worships the Faceless Ones, but she is, as I said, a really kind, sensitive, quiet person, and she would never dream of hurting anyone unless she had to. That said, if someone was bringing the Faceless Ones back to this world, she would join them and do whatever she was ordered to, however harmful to others or herself. But it doesn't seem like this group of villains is very religious, so nothing should happen to make her join them... Still, I just thought I'd mention it in case something relevant to this turns up later.

  18. I will be posting more Villains soon...

  19. OK, Dragona I have begun writing Malduggery's first chapter for DR!

  20. Brad, don't yet! We haven't done sorting things out! ^^

    1. No it was just a little thing for a side project anyways I'm not doing it anymore LOl

  21. If anyone has ANY clue what the plot is and if so: TELL ME

    1. From what I can tell so far, it's just going to be a big battle between villains and others.

  22. Right, so I have been away for a while and now I finally have time to do this.

    Name: Lawerence Yates
    Age: 92
    Magic: none
    Job: none
    Looks: Elderly, frail man with an old face, wears expensive gowns and expensive suits
    History: Born unto a rich, magical family as the only child. Lawerence's parents worked for the sanctuary of England and were disappointed that he wasn't magic and shunned him, taking no notice of him. His insolence, greed and arrogance led him to kill his parents at the age of 18 purely for their money and the joy of it. He got the mortal police to believe it was the butler of the house who murdered his parents and now lives in fear that someone will figure out his secret. He stays locked away in his mansion, scheming and giving orders to his many servants and large security team (or more accurately 'small army') of mages and Rippers. His jealousy has made him plan to rid the world of magic, thinking that everyone will be better of. Lawerence wishes to grow his army so he can take down magically societies and communities but he knows he must start soon or he'll never see his work.

  23. Name: Brad Wood
    Age: 56 (Looks 22)
    Magic: Symbol Magic
    Looks: Stunning. Dresses great. Blond hair going black nearly 6 foot is a physopath. He is a serial killer who has been planning a big war for years and finally get what he dreams of...
    He is very excited about the war and is friends with Sapphire
    Personality: Loves food and is fun loving but will do anythin g to kill...

  24. Jesus, Joined in a bit late. Don’t have any OCs posted so no one probably knows what’s going the on with me. So, umm. EXPLANATION TIME! POOF:3

    Name: Komodo Devious aka Kodo Devant
    Role: Villain
    Age: 84
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Adept. Can make so-called “Shards of Light” These are normally strong enough to withstand 2 or 3 bullets
    Clothes: Black Coat on a navy Tee-shirt. Sunglasses (always) Black denim Jeans. Enchanted sandals that never get dirty
    Family: Abandoned Kodo from a young age
    Personality: Analytical, if he has the chance. He is rarely serious when he doesn’t need to be and when he does need to be serious, he isn’t. He knows he is incredibly powerful and therefore takes few opponents seriously. He is also a psychopathic sadist who is constantly plotting to kill everyone he meets in the most gruesome fashion possible with lots of screams, guts, blood and bile.
    History: Kodo Devant is From an alternate universe 42 years ahead of ours. Where he has NO friends. No one ever brought him out of the darkness into the light and he slowly became more engrossed in his strength and the more gruesome ways of using it. Eventually he realised there was hardly anyone in Ireland powerful or motivated enough to stop him, so he went batshit insane and started killing everyone in Dublin, causing it to be renamed “The Crimson City” recently, unknown forces dragged him from his world into a mental hospital in Wicklow. He has 2 things constantly circling his mind. “Ytol Heas” and “Darkness Rising”
    Weapons : Claymore “The Sword of Crimson” Made of dark red Corundum.
    People he deems necessary: Vortex, Ytol Heas, Durham Laslit. Everyone else is unnecessary and is deemed fair game.
    Enemies: Anyone that is unnecessary and could possibly best him in a fight.
    Weaknesses: Over-the-topness. It will take a lot to convince Kodo that maybe he should give up on mutilation and just put all his experience into the fight. He can also be caught off guard, if one is fast enough.
    Likes: Mutilation, butchering, and the smell of blood in the morning.
    Dislikes: People who lack sense.

  25. Name: Vortex
    Role: Villain
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Can create wormholes that lead to other dimensions. This is dangerous, however, as if the matter that was removed is not properly replaced, it can create a black hole.
    Clothes: Loose ‘n’ Scruffy Brown woolly kinda shirt thing. (Hard to explain), Dark green combats, black “Grippers” (Intensely gripping boots that have spikes and powerful magnets on the bottom.) and any kind of tee-shirt under the shirt.
    Family: Unknown.
    Personality: Cold. Unforgiving. Unbelievably Intelligent. Creative. Destructive.
    History: Met Ytol Heas. Liked Ytol Heas. Befriended Ytol Heas. Ytol Quickly realized just how destructive and terrifyingly intelligent Vortex was. Ytol pried for more information about Vortex’s powers, and how other dimensions worked. Ytol asked Vortex to make a portal to another universe to bring in something that could take Komodo Devious completely out of the equation for the Rising of Darkness. Vortex found the idea quite amusing and agreed to do so.
    Friends: Ytol.
    Enemies: Doesn’t get out much. Has none.
    Weaknesses: Jumpiness. This weakness, however, doesn’t count for much, as if you distract Vortex midway through doing something with a wormhole, you’ll end up killing a crapload of people.
    Weapons: Reaper pincers. Hidden under the skin on either arm. An invention of Vortex’s.
    Likes: Creating Things. Destroying Things.
    Dislikes: Other People creating things. Other people destroying his Things.