Friday, 17 May 2013

Trip Castalan: Espionage is just fancy spying

Just a short chapter to keep me in step with the storyline.

Trip had just given in his report to the grand mage. It was not to leave the room that the girl was essentially invincible, so as not to spread panic. It was however now along with all it’s attached cases a priority level M (For Mevolent.). All other cases that assigned detectives were  working on were to be dropped, and extra detectives to be drafted in. As he walked down the hall he thought about his pet project (the other one), he was tantalizingly close and couldn’t stop himself drifting to it. He immediately snapped back into focus when he got to his lovely office. He didn’t go there much,  it was easier to work from home, the few seconds wasted getting a teleporter, logging in again and opening all the necessary programs was just too much time to waste. And his couch was comfier than a desk. He turned on the monitor, and as he waited for it to boot up he looked out across his view. Unlike most  sanctuaries the Scottish sanctuary was above ground in an obvious place. It was on a hill, overlooking Glasgow. It didn’t have a sign but it essentially looked like any modern building, it had some architectural stuff, but it was just a building of metal and glass. The sun was going down, and it looked just beautiful. The hills, the glow of the city, the sunset, this was why he lived in Scotland. The computer was booted up, it automatically opened the program’s required to do his job. His encrypted messenger had one M level message. When Trip had heard that Ytol Heas was alive again, he immediately put Dragona and his associates under M class surveillance. The message plainly stated that Dragona had been seen leaving England in his jet, and it was confirmed by Aquila’s spy that he had arrived there, to pick her up. But hen, and this was the interesting part, he had gotten into a firefight in the street and left the dead bodies lying there. He had been correct, this man was going to be the eye of the oncoming storm, and was exactly where he needed to be. Intel showed he had bought a small island which didn’t show up on maps for it’s size. Well, most maps. He and his sanctuary had the most accurate maps in the  world, no island was too small, no rainforest too big to record every last detail. He read they had taken off, with an ETA of roughly an hour. It was going to be tough to get there before them, unless he took a teleporter. He ran into the hall, heading towards the teleporter taxi room, (the scots have it and it’s damned useful) he dialled his PA’s number. “Hey, Quill, could you tell that trainee, um, um, Mignon Forefire, that he’s temporarily head of the department?” He asked.
“What? You want a trainee as head of the department? Are you going of on an adventure again Mr. Castalan?” she asked.
“How many times, call me Trip. Also yes yes and yes. I think it would do him some good, understanding what he’s aiming for.” he said as he turned a corner.
“Do you mind if I put Hypsin in charge instead? He’s one of your second in commands and much more experienced.” She asked.
“Well I would prefer if it was Forefire, as I may call Hypsin into the field.” He said, approaching the taxi room.   
“I’ll put Hypsin in charge until you call him out, then Forefire, deal?”
“OK, I'm at the taxis, bye Quill!”
He walked into the room, and presented a map to a teleporter. “Here” he said, pointing at the island. “Very good sir” He said, putting his hand on Trip’s shoulder. For a moment they were on the mainland looking at the island, then they were on it. “That’ll be twenty pounds sir.” said the teleporter.
“Ah, I don’t have any cash. Talk to my PA about it, she’ll pay you, she’s Quill, Quill Penwagon. It’s a pun, get it? Pen-wagon! Not pen-dragon! Oh it splits my sides every time. Anyway, she works in room 568 on level 9h. Quill Penwagon, OK?”
“Yes sir.” Said the teleporter. A look of distaste on his face.

    He now had 50 minutes to find a vantage point. He walked around a bit, and studied the lay of the land. He settled for a rocky hill, it commanded a view of the house, and almost all of the island, while giving a good hiding place.  It was quite small, but not too small. He could stay there for now.

  A while later, Cabeder arrived, he was riding flame and looked like a mix between ghost rider and iron man. He landed upright and walked indoors. Any moment now the main act would arrive. And arrive it did, landed turned into it’s car and let it’s occupants out.  They also went inside, spying wasn’t as fun as he was hoping it would be. But it wasn’t spying, this was espionage! Then he reminded himself that was just spying but the consequences were worse if you were caught.  Pushing this thought to the side he considered his next move. It was almost night. He could sleep there tonight, but he didn't think taking up permanent residence would be fun. He needed to make contact. Soon. Then he remembered that he had forgotten to tell the German sanctuaries there were bodies in one of their main roads. Aaah, Hypsin would do it.


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