Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Dark Shadow - Part 1

Hello. This is just introducing a new bad guy. I've finished the part of my fanfic with him in so I just thought, why not add him to Dead Reaping, too?

The Elemental walked down the street without even realising it was there.
Then again, everything did.
Everyone did.
Shadows were common, right?
It flitted across the street extraordinarily quickly - so quick, no pedestrians saw it. It was no more than a flicker in the darkness.
Not even the Elemental saw it.
It flickered in behind the Elemental. Slowly stalking him.
"I'm behind youuuuuu," it hissed, in its dark, demonic voice.
The Elemental spun. But it was already gone. Across the road in a dark shadow behind a bin.
The mage stepped backwards into the shadows slightly. It sent its writhing hand across the road and made tendrils of shadow grasp at the man's shoulder.
The man spun, but the hand was no longer there. It noticed the tendrils of shadow had caused the leather on the Elemental's jacket to become discoloured. Like it was rotting.
It emerged from the shadow, and made itself invisible to everyone but the Elemental. It leaped at him, screaming.
The man dropped to the floor and drew a silenced pistol, and fired a bullet at it. But it had disappeared.
Then the pedestrians started screaming.
It flitted to the shadows behind him, and gently whispered in his ear, "That wasssn't a good ideaaa, was ittttt?"
"Who-who-who is there?" the mage asked, "Stop following me!"
It laid a black hand on his shoulder, and writhing shadows spread all over the Elemental's body. Shadows went through a cut on the man's arm and into his blood stream. They destroyed all his red blood cells and all his white blood cells on their journey up to his brain.
When the shadows reached his head, the man collapsed.
It would enjoy this feast very much.
It started at the head. It lowered its jaw to a position no human could manage, and started devouring the man, hiding them from everyone else who happened to be walking down the road.
When it was done, and all that remained of the Elemental was a pile of ash, it disappeared into the shadows.
The sun was rising. Shadows had no place in the light.
It smiled to itself.
The tendrils of shadow that made up it hardened and formed together to become skin. The white, triangular eyes that were set upon its head moved slightly downwards before changing shape and becoming more human. Its fangs shortened, became slightly less sharp, and fitted into a human mouth. A human mouth with human lips and human gums.
They really were disgusting creatures.
And as the sun rose, the shadow stepped into the light, wearing a black cloak which hid its face.
The shadow did not feel the warmth of the sun, nor the slight wind that rustled the trees. It was a creature of darkness. It didn't feel nice things.
"Hello," said a voice from behind it, "I like your style."
The shadow turned. Behind him there was a girl, perhaps a teenager. She had black eyes, black lips and cracks in her skin which seemed to glow, once again, black.
"Thank youuuuuu," it hissed in response.
"I can control life and death," the girl pointed out, "I have brought back some of the most powerful people the world has ever known and we're going to kill everyone. Interested?"
"Maybeeeee," the shadow said, "You can control life and deathhhhhh... I am death itselfffff. No matter how many times you try and kill meeeeee; I always come backkkkk."
"So I've heard," the girl said, "That's why I'm asking you to join us."
The shadow sent tendrils of darkness at the girl. They enveloped her and wrapped around her throat, preventing her from breathing.
"You are not as powerful as you thinkkkkk," the shadow hissed as the girl gasped, trying to regain some oxygen into her lungs, "You have to be... cautiousssss. There are always more powerful people than youuuuu."
"How about you?" the girl managed to say, "Who is more powerful than you?"
"I am deathhhhh. Death is the end of everyone eventuallyyyyyy. There is nothing more powerful than meeeeee."
The shadow allowed the girl to breathe.
Then the girl killed the shadow.
The shadow smiled.
"You cannot kill deathhhhh," it hissed, "You cannot even tryyyyyy."
"Do you accept the offer?" the girl asked, "Or do we have to fight some more?"
"If you are the strongestttt," it pointed out, grinning demonically, "I have tooooo. You will get nowhere without meeeeeeeee."
And so the shadow started his first act of death. The shadows around a nearby building reared up and consumed it. They moved like water, flowing inside all the particles of stone and cement - and flesh and bone - and destroying it.
After a few moments, all that was left was ash.