Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Austin Daran-Part 1

If any of you wondered why I deleted my posts it was because it just dind'nt work but this does!

The pain that surged through Austin's body was mouth watering. The way he cried out as the 
pain took over his body. Austin tried to come back with a shadow attack but his enemy wasn't stopping he was kicking and kicking until Austin broke out in a surge of necromancy power that thrashed down on the man and his body. Within seconds his whole body was in smithereens. 

The lady that had beat the hell out of him hundreds of times walked forwards observing the dead clone. She spat in it and smiled at him. That was a good sign. 

"Good now have a five minute break and then come back."

Austin went for a walk and came to a tiny barn with spray paint all over it saying DARKNESS RISING! What the...

The lady came behind him,

"I sent you here."


"Something dark is rising, something that will be hunting people, a war just like the war with mevolent this is going to be intense."

"So what do we do?"

"We meet with the sanctuary."

"The british one?"

"No sadly that sanctuary was blown up the morning where going to the american one pack your bags where leaving tommorow."

"OK, but is this really war and I mean a proper war?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Oh god."

They walked on and in his tummy Austin had a sinking feeling that he would be the war's first death. 
They came back to the base and Austin focused on america. What if the plane got shot down? What if they were attacked....
Hs phone rang it was an unknown number.
He answered it.
"Hello, my name is Ytol and do you know anyone called Dragona Pine."
"Yeah he was an old friend of mine."
"Well tell hi that I will not stop destroying the sanctuaries until he comes to me, tell him soon he will be dead!"
"OK but are you sure."
"Yes now go tell before I come kill you."
The landline went dead. Another friend would be dead soon.


  1. Huh, why would he be the first death? Too many powerful enemies?

    Cause if it comes to being a not too powerful OC, I think Aquila wins. :P ^^

    1. Trust me I don't think Dragona will be easy to kill...

  2. I didn't realise that this was going to be on such a big scale...
    Which British one?