Friday, 24 May 2013

The Black Panther - Part 1

Right, if you have read my fanfic you'll understand who this is, and you'll also understand that no one but Dragona knows who it is - and I'd like it to be kept that way.

Five hours before Trip's entrance into Dragona's house:

Dragona was sat in his locked basement, protected on all sides by ten tonnes of reinforced titanium and lead. It had a door with a ten digit combination and a biometric palm scanner. Yet another tonne of the best security money could buy.
And it was a rather good £1,000,000 he had spent.
The walls were silver and grey, decorated with different versions of his robotic, and now famous, suit.
Five billion hits on youtube, t-shirts, tv documentaries and even models. None of which were his ideas. All to do with The Black Panther.
Sat opposite him was a radio. But not just any radio. A police radio.
"We have suspects of an armed robbery in a... black... uh... tank?"
It was night time. Perfect for blending in.
It was time to put on the suit.
Dragona walked over to a black motorbike stood up against the wall. He placed his hand on the seat and the metal folded on to his hand. It folded up his arm and over his chest.
The motorbike, meanwhile, was getting smaller and smaller as more metal was transferred over his clothing. A whirring sound was audiable as the metal from around the wheels folded on to his legs and clicked into place. The wheels folded up and disappeared inside the boots that suddenly appeared over his feet.
His entire body was now covered in black armour. It was split into several pieces and was connected inside by layers of kevlar body armour underneath the titanium alloy that had been infused with magic.
A recent feature he had added.
Since he had first started having an alter-ego, he had one of his friends draw magical symbols on the inside of the suit. This prevented any magic entering and since they couldn't be seen, there was no way to counter them.
A metal helmet clunked shut over his head and blue eyes flickered into life as a head up display came up in his field of view.
He felt a whirring close to his ears as sharp cat ears grew from either side of the helmet.
Dragona walked over to the back wall of the room and collected a pistol Emit Sargo had once given him. It fused with his hand before sliding into his wrist. He also pressed a red button hanging on a yellow cord from somewhere above him.
One of the walls slid away to reveal a secret exit to the outside world. A part of the island that was completely shrouded by trees and shadows came to view. He stepped outside, as quiet and as stealthy as possible, just in the slight chance anyone was watching, then activated his thrusters.
They glowed with a black flame, invisible in the night. He lifted off the ground and jetted towards the black 'tank' thing that had confused the police officers in London.

1 hour later

The Black Panther screamed across the London skyline. He hacked into the police radio frequency and pinpointed the location of the police cars that were pursuing the tank.
He twisted and fired himself slightly to the right. This changed his angle so he would appear behind the tank instead of from the side.
The Black Panther was definitely close now. Only a few seconds away.
He cut the thrusters and he began falling. But it was a controlled fall.
Motorcycle wheels slid out from his feet and began spinning. He landed on top of a block of flats and vaulted over the edge. The tank and several police cars sped past him as he hit the ground.
The wheels accelerated and he was propelled on to the road. He turned so he was facing the direction of the tank then flew down the street after it.
The tank flipped over a car. The wreckage destroyed two out of the five police cars and it now spun towards The Black Panther.
He waited until the perfect moment, then jumped.
The wheels on his feet allowed him to ride up the upside down car, like it was a ramp. He flipped in the air and then landed heavily on the top of the black tank. His cape landed behind him a moment later.
It wasn't a tank. But a tank was the best way to describe it. It had four large wheels and was made out of lightweight carbon fibre with kevlar over the top. It looked more like a sports car with a huge gun on top rather than a tank.
He thought about the best way to stop it, for a moment. But then he had an idea.
The Black Panther needed to get rid of the police cars, first. He was a wanted vigilante, after all. The police may choose to come after him after he's taken care of the tank.
He aimed his wrist back at the police cars. On his head up display, there was a targeting crosshair that automatically picked out both of the pursuing vehicles.
Then he fired the grappling hook.
The hook had four prongs and was made out of a titanium alloy. This made it extremely strong, not to mention the diamond tip he had put on the end of each of the hooks.
The hook made a solid connection with the side of the police car. A thick metal rope followed the grappling hook and then the second fired a moment later. This connected to the other police car, just above the tyre.
Both hooks were connected to the same rope.
The tank turned a corner. It turned left down a narrow one-way street. Luckily there were no other cars around.
The police cars attempted to make the corner, too. However, the rope got caught either side of a telegraph pole. The cars were forced to turn... into each other.
The Black Panther smiled inside his helmet at the wreckages of the police cars. The officers inside were not killed, nor seriously injured, but they were unable to continue the pursuit of the tank with totalled cars.
At a thought, the grey pistol Emit Sargo had given him slid out from his wrist and materialised in his hand. He switched the three options on the side. He turned what the gun fired to "laser", the setting "cut" and the fire mode "beam".
The Black Panther aimed the barrel of the pistol at the top of the tank and pulled the trigger. A small beam of light fired at the shell of the tank and cut easily through the armoured bodywork.
The tank twisted around another corner but his aim was good and precise. He moved the gun around in a circle, and whilst he did so, he activated an EMP around the suit.
An Electro-Magnetic Pulse was the kind of thing resulting from a nuclear explosion. However, with a few every day items, anyone was able to create. It would disrupt any nearby electronic devices. Including a computer inside the tank, and the lights that allowed the people who were inside to see.
He lifted the circle of armoured plating off the tank and slipped inside, fitting it back into the roof after him. The pistol slid back into his arm.
Everything was dark inside the tank. His head up display turned into an infrared view. Several people were inside the tank. And no one noticed he was there.
But he knew who they were.
They wore gas masks and had silenced automatic pistols in holsters around their waist.
They were members of the Blue Moon.
The Black Panther smiled - he knew where his first port of call would be with the rest of his friends. They would have to destroy the Blue Moon. And perhaps, in doing so, it would give them some information about what Ytol Heas was planning.
The tank slowed to a stop after the engine had cut out due to the EMP and he lashed out with a vicious punch into the side of the head of the Blue Moon member who was on the tank cannon. There was a grunt of surprise and the sound of the body hitting the floor.
"Hey, why have we stopped?" one of the Blue Moon members asked.
"I don't know," the driver replied, "The engine has just cut out."
"Are the lights working?" another gang member asked.
"One moment. I have a torch."
White light filled up the darkness. The Black Panther saw their eyes widen inside their gas masks before he unleashed a flurry of punches into the nearest Blue Moon member. The glass on their gas mask smashed and he tripped them up.
The driver aimed one of their pistols at him but he was at the other end of the tank in a flash. He palmed away the gun as he fired, so the pistol shot the member with the broken gas mask instead of him. The gun clicked empty and The Black Panther pressed the magazine release button whilst blocking a punch with his forearm, then used the empty magazine to hit the the Blue Moon member in the head.
A silenced pistol fired and gun flashes danced around the front of his armour. He stopped and cocked his head until the gun clicked empty, then raised his hand. A small, blue circle in the middle of his palm started glowing. There was a whining sound that grew higher in pitch until a sudden blast of energy discharged and made the Blue Moon member who had tried to shoot him, fly across the tank and hit his head on the wall of the interior.
He fired another blast of energy and the driver hit his head on the 'dashboard'. He pondered for a moment whether it was called a dashboard in a tank or not, but then he realised it didn't matter.
The Black Panther exited the tank via the roof. He activated the rocket thrusters for a moment which made him jump very high before landing next to the armoured vehicle.
Job well done. Tank taken out and Blue Moon members unconscious or dead.
The tank cannon twisted towards him.
Or not.
He did the only thing he could. He heard a noise as a tank shell was put into the firing chamber and was about to be fired.
So The Black Panther stuck his hand into the barrel of the cannon. He felt a pushing motion as the shell hit his armoured hand. Instead of being ejected from the end of the cannon at several hundred miles per hour, the explosive shell instead detonated and filled the inside of the tank with orange flames.
He took out his fist from the cannon. His knuckles were smoking slightly but were otherwise fine.
Now to get rid of the evidence.
He took a few steps back, then the grey pistol slid out of his arm again. He twisted the three knobs on the side of the gun so the ammunition was "rocket", the fire mode was "semi-auto" and the setting to "armoured vehicle".
The pistol suddenly folded outwards until it was a medium sized metal barrel with the pistol grip still in his hand. He took quick aim at the tank, then pulled the trigger. A rocket screamed towards its target and exploded on impact. The tank basically shattered and a ball of fire errupted into the air.
The metal barrel folded back down to a pistol, then it slid into his arm again.
Finally, some more police cars showed up. He turned towards them but didn't allow them to do anything before he flew up into the sky - back towards his island.

Several hours later - after a stop to get a McDonald's. The Black Panther had confused many people with an order of a Big Mac meal and a large Pepsi. He used a 'drive thru' instead of going into the place itself. It was a lot quicker and he only had to confuse the people behind the till at a man in a black robotic suit who was rather famous ordering a burger.
His reasons for stopping for a meal are currently unknown. Though maybe he was hungry.

Superheroes do get hungry too, you know.

Dragona landed just outside the secret entrance to his house. He ran into the basement and deactivated the suit, then closed the secret entrance.
He heard voices from upstairs. He still wore clothes underneath his suit but it didn't matter. He could always make an excuse for it.
After the suit had gone from his body and was now a motorbike set upon the wall, he walked to the table in the middle of the room and sat on it. He clicked a small button underneath it and the table was lifted into the air by a strong mechanical arm. It stopped several centimetres away from the roof, but he, meanwhile, was in his bed. He pulled the cover over him just as Cabader walked into the room.
Dragona closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vortex - Part 1

Perhaps I should explain before I start. These parts with Vortex are going to be told the way that Vortex thinks. They will be broken down into essentials. I chose to write this way because I found I liked the idea of doing it like this. DON’T JUDGE ME!

A Room. In the room there was things. A desk. A chair. A laptop. Scrap metal. A wardrobe. A bed.

Sat at the table and in the chair was a man. Average build. Average height. Dark blonde hair. Not very long. Not too short. The clothes he wore are simple, and loose. A loose brown and white shirt, a tee-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. If you were sitting on the desk you would be able to see his eyes. Like a storm in the night. Incredibly dark blue clouds over black with occasional sparks and flashes. No pupils. The man was examining his arm. You could have seen a straight surfaced bulge on either arm, if you were there, but you weren’t. 2 long pincers slid out from under the skin on each arm. Each one deadly sharp and specially made for delivering killer blows to one’s neck. A single snap would kill most people instantly. The man sighed. But that only applies to certain dimensions.

Another man walked in. His Hair is dark, his eyes are acid green, and he was wearing a suit. He was very angry. If someone other than the man, who was called Vortex, was there, they might say his eyes were glowing and his hair was steaming, but Vortex knew that was highly unlikely. Ytol could do many things, but he doubted he would waste his time on aesthetics like that.


“I negated Komodo as part of this battle, as you told me too.”


“Precisely. Even if Komodo manages to kill Komodo, Komodo will be wanted by the sanctuary.”

“But he’s a PSYCHOPATH! Sociopaths are OK, but this guy will kill our people.”

“No he won’t.”

“How do you know that?”

“I know because Komodo won’t want to get on our bad side. He knows we can kill him in an instance.”

Ytol sighed. “Yes, you’re right. I freaked out for a moment there.”

“Yes, you did. Because you don’t trust me. Because you’re an immature child.”

This time Ytol’s eyes really did flash. Possibly a sudden surge in angry power? Vortex grinned at the reaction from Ytol. He calmed down, and tried to remember that Vortex did things like this for sport. Vortex was a mistake. He was not meant to happen, and he enjoyed embodying this existence. “Watch it,” Growled Ytol. “I could kill you in a millisecond.”

“You say that as if you think that threats are sneaky. You would have to catch me off guard, and for me, things move 25% slower. You wouldn’t be done thinking by the time I had run away. And you forget that I can provide a fate worse than any death.”

Ytol glowered. “Well, just, don’t fuck shit up, Okay?”

Vortex grinned, and Ytol stalked off. Vortex turned back into his desk, and continued to examine the Pincer blades. All of a sudden, Vortex straightened up, a stared at one spot on the wall, then outside his window. He stretched out his hands in both directions, and a spinning vortex of black and white that was crackling with energy appeared, depositing a young man (who was in the middle of a punch), and swallowing up some of the scrap iridium on the floor.

The young man straightened up. He had black styled hair, a black trench coat, a black tee-shirt, with the outline of a dead man in white, and black Jeans. The young man noticed the mage standing there and became furious.

“What the fuck did you just do!”

“I believe I just saved your life, Unkindness Poe.”

Unkindness straightened up. “What from? I had the guy where I wanted him, that punch would have broken the lower half of his face off,” He leaned in. “And how do you know my name?!?”

“Breaking the lower half of his face off would have broken open his plastic molar, the electronics of which were sending a signal to a bomb in the floor underneath you to NOT go off. I advise that when I send you back, you aim for the stomach, and take the full head as a spoil of war.”

“That still doesn’t answer my-” but he was gone, and in his place was a rapidly disappearing vortex, and a small amount of iridium.

“It’s a good day to be a nuisance,” said Vortex.

Dynasty Maguire - Good, Bad Or just Damn EVIL

So guys my plot will turn out to be a little bit like the Clara storyline. And most of them are gonna be pretty short but will be lots. Lol.

The plan had went well. As Austin was killed off and chose the name Dynasty came on he had lots of power. And suddenly he felt a tinkle up his back and a black slither crawled down his neck. A remnant. He didn't care it controlled his body but not his mind and in his mind he could send great blasts of heat that would kill the remnant in seconds. But he wasn't going to do that, yet. He was going to wait until 3 days 23 Hours 59 minutes 59 seconds and then kill it. It would be fun. He heard speech. 
"We've decieved the fool."
"He think he is an elder of America, as if."
Dynasty went through the room. 
"Who are you?" the man asked rudely. 
"Dynasty Maguire."
Suddenly Symbols, Shadows and Fire were all attacking them and with in a second he was just a pile of blood and guts. Good thats sorted. He took of the robes he wasn't an elder, he wasn't fighting for the good he was FIGHTING FOR THE DARKNESS RISING.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Austin Daran - Part 3

America was a nice place. Excepet from when a elder or a grand mage was killed. And that was that day. America, well the magical side were anyways. Elder Karina Meritous was killed in the early hours of the morning. Austin had heard about this as he got on the plane. He was sad. He was going to America and all of the magical side were all going to be sulking. Meh. As they took off into the sky he thought about what to do with his life. Maybe become and elder... of America...

"Why do you think you should be a new elder for America?"
"I would really like to help the country and help find the killer of our sad death."
"You are very enthusastic."
"Yeah but when do I know if I've got the job?"
"Now... you've got the job."
Austin couldn't speak.
"Wait is Austin you taken name?"
"Choose one to help you protect yourself you have alot to deal with. Also there have been sightings of graffiti all around the world in blood saying DARKNESS RISING."
"So a taken name..."
He thought for a moment.
"Dynasty Maguire."
"Great Dynasty Maguire."
He left the room.
Graet now he was in charge of America.

He will now be known as Dynasty

Kodo Devant - Part 1

I'm pretty sure that all of Kodo's parts are going to end up being fairly short, as he is the pure nemesis and bane of Komodo, and the encounters between them are going to be told from Komodo's POV soooo... Yeah.
15 May 2013

People. People people people. Since I’ve come to this world, that’s all I’ve been seeing. It’s disgusting, but also wondrous. It provides me with PREY. In the Crimson City, the REAL one, it’s rare that I’m blessed with ten, let alone hundreds. I guess it’s time to start the culling. This city is impure. I can feel its filth. Like a bloated cow, waiting to DIE. Everywhere I go, I see their daily stupidity and sheep-like personalities.

Since I’ve come to this world, two things have been on my mind constantly, buzzing around in an incredibly irritating fashion. “Ytol Heas”. “Darkness Rising”. What this means, I do not know. I DO however know, that there is another me in this world. He is not stupid, but he has friends, an obvious weakness in his strength.

The people of this world do have benefits, such as music, hilariously stupid antics, things such as these. I have noticed that some of these songs, coincidentally, suit my current situation. Dirty Harry, being one. And O Green World. Though, for me, it’s O Red World. My old Crimson City, how I pine for thee. Hehe. Not really. I have no emotional attachments to the Crimson City. Apart from the corpses and a few different people, they’re pretty much the same. I have no Qualxs with this world. It’s good. A bit too green though. A bit too, dull.

Earlier on, I was buying a new set of headphones off of a delightfully idiotic cashier in HMV (We have none in the Crimson City) when I got a splitting headache. I now know that if I want to know why some jerk face sent me over here, I have to go to O 348 791. Wherever that is. But I’m sure that it has something to do with the Komodo Devious of this world. Because this is just too coincidental. There’s an infinite number of Dimensions and the one I get plucked to JUST HAPPENS to have a Komodo Devious? Something smells fishy about all this.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Dark Shadow - Part 1

Hello. This is just introducing a new bad guy. I've finished the part of my fanfic with him in so I just thought, why not add him to Dead Reaping, too?

The Elemental walked down the street without even realising it was there.
Then again, everything did.
Everyone did.
Shadows were common, right?
It flitted across the street extraordinarily quickly - so quick, no pedestrians saw it. It was no more than a flicker in the darkness.
Not even the Elemental saw it.
It flickered in behind the Elemental. Slowly stalking him.
"I'm behind youuuuuu," it hissed, in its dark, demonic voice.
The Elemental spun. But it was already gone. Across the road in a dark shadow behind a bin.
The mage stepped backwards into the shadows slightly. It sent its writhing hand across the road and made tendrils of shadow grasp at the man's shoulder.
The man spun, but the hand was no longer there. It noticed the tendrils of shadow had caused the leather on the Elemental's jacket to become discoloured. Like it was rotting.
It emerged from the shadow, and made itself invisible to everyone but the Elemental. It leaped at him, screaming.
The man dropped to the floor and drew a silenced pistol, and fired a bullet at it. But it had disappeared.
Then the pedestrians started screaming.
It flitted to the shadows behind him, and gently whispered in his ear, "That wasssn't a good ideaaa, was ittttt?"
"Who-who-who is there?" the mage asked, "Stop following me!"
It laid a black hand on his shoulder, and writhing shadows spread all over the Elemental's body. Shadows went through a cut on the man's arm and into his blood stream. They destroyed all his red blood cells and all his white blood cells on their journey up to his brain.
When the shadows reached his head, the man collapsed.
It would enjoy this feast very much.
It started at the head. It lowered its jaw to a position no human could manage, and started devouring the man, hiding them from everyone else who happened to be walking down the road.
When it was done, and all that remained of the Elemental was a pile of ash, it disappeared into the shadows.
The sun was rising. Shadows had no place in the light.
It smiled to itself.
The tendrils of shadow that made up it hardened and formed together to become skin. The white, triangular eyes that were set upon its head moved slightly downwards before changing shape and becoming more human. Its fangs shortened, became slightly less sharp, and fitted into a human mouth. A human mouth with human lips and human gums.
They really were disgusting creatures.
And as the sun rose, the shadow stepped into the light, wearing a black cloak which hid its face.
The shadow did not feel the warmth of the sun, nor the slight wind that rustled the trees. It was a creature of darkness. It didn't feel nice things.
"Hello," said a voice from behind it, "I like your style."
The shadow turned. Behind him there was a girl, perhaps a teenager. She had black eyes, black lips and cracks in her skin which seemed to glow, once again, black.
"Thank youuuuuu," it hissed in response.
"I can control life and death," the girl pointed out, "I have brought back some of the most powerful people the world has ever known and we're going to kill everyone. Interested?"
"Maybeeeee," the shadow said, "You can control life and deathhhhhh... I am death itselfffff. No matter how many times you try and kill meeeeee; I always come backkkkk."
"So I've heard," the girl said, "That's why I'm asking you to join us."
The shadow sent tendrils of darkness at the girl. They enveloped her and wrapped around her throat, preventing her from breathing.
"You are not as powerful as you thinkkkkk," the shadow hissed as the girl gasped, trying to regain some oxygen into her lungs, "You have to be... cautiousssss. There are always more powerful people than youuuuu."
"How about you?" the girl managed to say, "Who is more powerful than you?"
"I am deathhhhh. Death is the end of everyone eventuallyyyyyy. There is nothing more powerful than meeeeee."
The shadow allowed the girl to breathe.
Then the girl killed the shadow.
The shadow smiled.
"You cannot kill deathhhhh," it hissed, "You cannot even tryyyyyy."
"Do you accept the offer?" the girl asked, "Or do we have to fight some more?"
"If you are the strongestttt," it pointed out, grinning demonically, "I have tooooo. You will get nowhere without meeeeeeeee."
And so the shadow started his first act of death. The shadows around a nearby building reared up and consumed it. They moved like water, flowing inside all the particles of stone and cement - and flesh and bone - and destroying it.
After a few moments, all that was left was ash.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Trip Castalan: Espionage is just fancy spying

Just a short chapter to keep me in step with the storyline.

Trip had just given in his report to the grand mage. It was not to leave the room that the girl was essentially invincible, so as not to spread panic. It was however now along with all it’s attached cases a priority level M (For Mevolent.). All other cases that assigned detectives were  working on were to be dropped, and extra detectives to be drafted in. As he walked down the hall he thought about his pet project (the other one), he was tantalizingly close and couldn’t stop himself drifting to it. He immediately snapped back into focus when he got to his lovely office. He didn’t go there much,  it was easier to work from home, the few seconds wasted getting a teleporter, logging in again and opening all the necessary programs was just too much time to waste. And his couch was comfier than a desk. He turned on the monitor, and as he waited for it to boot up he looked out across his view. Unlike most  sanctuaries the Scottish sanctuary was above ground in an obvious place. It was on a hill, overlooking Glasgow. It didn’t have a sign but it essentially looked like any modern building, it had some architectural stuff, but it was just a building of metal and glass. The sun was going down, and it looked just beautiful. The hills, the glow of the city, the sunset, this was why he lived in Scotland. The computer was booted up, it automatically opened the program’s required to do his job. His encrypted messenger had one M level message. When Trip had heard that Ytol Heas was alive again, he immediately put Dragona and his associates under M class surveillance. The message plainly stated that Dragona had been seen leaving England in his jet, and it was confirmed by Aquila’s spy that he had arrived there, to pick her up. But hen, and this was the interesting part, he had gotten into a firefight in the street and left the dead bodies lying there. He had been correct, this man was going to be the eye of the oncoming storm, and was exactly where he needed to be. Intel showed he had bought a small island which didn’t show up on maps for it’s size. Well, most maps. He and his sanctuary had the most accurate maps in the  world, no island was too small, no rainforest too big to record every last detail. He read they had taken off, with an ETA of roughly an hour. It was going to be tough to get there before them, unless he took a teleporter. He ran into the hall, heading towards the teleporter taxi room, (the scots have it and it’s damned useful) he dialled his PA’s number. “Hey, Quill, could you tell that trainee, um, um, Mignon Forefire, that he’s temporarily head of the department?” He asked.
“What? You want a trainee as head of the department? Are you going of on an adventure again Mr. Castalan?” she asked.
“How many times, call me Trip. Also yes yes and yes. I think it would do him some good, understanding what he’s aiming for.” he said as he turned a corner.
“Do you mind if I put Hypsin in charge instead? He’s one of your second in commands and much more experienced.” She asked.
“Well I would prefer if it was Forefire, as I may call Hypsin into the field.” He said, approaching the taxi room.   
“I’ll put Hypsin in charge until you call him out, then Forefire, deal?”
“OK, I'm at the taxis, bye Quill!”
He walked into the room, and presented a map to a teleporter. “Here” he said, pointing at the island. “Very good sir” He said, putting his hand on Trip’s shoulder. For a moment they were on the mainland looking at the island, then they were on it. “That’ll be twenty pounds sir.” said the teleporter.
“Ah, I don’t have any cash. Talk to my PA about it, she’ll pay you, she’s Quill, Quill Penwagon. It’s a pun, get it? Pen-wagon! Not pen-dragon! Oh it splits my sides every time. Anyway, she works in room 568 on level 9h. Quill Penwagon, OK?”
“Yes sir.” Said the teleporter. A look of distaste on his face.

    He now had 50 minutes to find a vantage point. He walked around a bit, and studied the lay of the land. He settled for a rocky hill, it commanded a view of the house, and almost all of the island, while giving a good hiding place.  It was quite small, but not too small. He could stay there for now.

  A while later, Cabeder arrived, he was riding flame and looked like a mix between ghost rider and iron man. He landed upright and walked indoors. Any moment now the main act would arrive. And arrive it did, landed turned into it’s car and let it’s occupants out.  They also went inside, spying wasn’t as fun as he was hoping it would be. But it wasn’t spying, this was espionage! Then he reminded himself that was just spying but the consequences were worse if you were caught.  Pushing this thought to the side he considered his next move. It was almost night. He could sleep there tonight, but he didn't think taking up permanent residence would be fun. He needed to make contact. Soon. Then he remembered that he had forgotten to tell the German sanctuaries there were bodies in one of their main roads. Aaah, Hypsin would do it.