Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Austin Daran - Part 3

America was a nice place. Excepet from when a elder or a grand mage was killed. And that was that day. America, well the magical side were anyways. Elder Karina Meritous was killed in the early hours of the morning. Austin had heard about this as he got on the plane. He was sad. He was going to America and all of the magical side were all going to be sulking. Meh. As they took off into the sky he thought about what to do with his life. Maybe become and elder... of America...

"Why do you think you should be a new elder for America?"
"I would really like to help the country and help find the killer of our sad death."
"You are very enthusastic."
"Yeah but when do I know if I've got the job?"
"Now... you've got the job."
Austin couldn't speak.
"Wait is Austin you taken name?"
"Choose one to help you protect yourself you have alot to deal with. Also there have been sightings of graffiti all around the world in blood saying DARKNESS RISING."
"So a taken name..."
He thought for a moment.
"Dynasty Maguire."
"Great Dynasty Maguire."
He left the room.
Graet now he was in charge of America.

He will now be known as Dynasty


  1. Brad, you're aware Zafira is Grand Mage of america, right?

  2. OK, how did that happen. Someone died, and so he became an elder? I don't follow.

  3. It will all be explained don't wanna ruin it...

  4. Short but sweet. Can't wait for more.

    Have you noticed the new Villain? Look on The Dark Shadow post. He's the most powerful and scary villain yet.

  5. K I haven't posted because we've recently moved from virgin to sky and its knocked my internet off.