Saturday, 11 May 2013

Austin Daran - Part 2

Austin ran away from base with his phone and nothing else. This guy called Ytol was very evil and he didn't want Dragona to die. After all he was a friend. He would ring him up and tell Dragona about the threat and then together they would kill this guy. He speed dialed Dragona after ten seconds of ringing he picked up.
"Its Austin."
"Oh yeah you what is this about?"
Austin heard him curse and then he spoke.
"Yeah what about Ytol?"
"He told me to give you a message that he is gonna kill you."
"But I'm sure I could help fight this Ytol guy until he's dead."
"Yeah we could use you but right now I'm busy I might meet you later right."
"Listen," said Dragona. "Tommorow text me and I'll text you back saying where I'll meet you, it'll be nice to catch up again."
"OK, bye."
The landline went dead. Austin ran on the base would be after him soon.

The lady, Rastana, came into Austin's room. He wasn't there. The only thing there was a not saying HAVE GONE TO FIGHT THE DARKNESS RISING!
"No he'll be killed I must find him."
A man walked through.
"What's the matter?"
"Austin he's gone!"
"Quick we must alert the rest of the nest we must absorb the rest of his energy."
"Yes we cannot let him go he will feed our nest for another seven hundred years."
"Come on then lets go."
They both headed out to catch their pray their lives depended on it.

The young boys parents had left him. Deserted him. He was in a dark tunnel and he was screaming there was no light and every once in a while he would shiver. He had been like this for two hours until the woman in the light came. 
"Are you OK, child."
"My Mummy and daddy left me."
"Oh but it alright should I take you back to my place OK."
They walked home in the brutal wind until they reached a black building. They entered
 it and the boy was left in a room. He was happy... for now.

Austin didn't know where to go. He was lost he couldn't get help of Dragona until tommorow he was doomed. In fact it reminded him of a time when he was four...
Austin carried on. He walked until he felt like his feet could not carry him anymore. He fell down and just sat down... as he sat down all he saw was DARKNESS RISING... wrote in deep piercing blood. Whoever these people were they were tough.