Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dragona Pine - Part 2

"Hello?" Dragona said as soon as he answered his phone. He had pulled over to the side of the road, not wanting to break laws he didn't have to. The engine of the Porsche rumbled softly.
"Someone sprayed 'Darkness Rising' on my clearing!" Aquila pointed out in her German accent, clearly not happy in the slightest.
"The graffiti has turned up everywhere," Dragona replied, "Someone sprayed my car, and according to Cabader there's some all over Europe."
"It's annoying," she said simply, "Oh wait, your car? How did you get it off again?"
"I just made it change colour, that refreshed the paint. I know it's annoying. Trust me, I wasn't happy when my car was vandalised either. Cabader has heard that Ytol Heas has some back to life, and he thinks that is connected with the graffiti."
"But the poor grass didn't do anything to him!" Aquila said, "... I shouldn't go to my clearing for a while, should I?"
"It's probably a good idea not to. You should go somewhere safe... I will come and pick you up. Where are you?"
"I'm in an oak. I'll be at home, though. I'll just tell my parents I'll be staying with you for a while."
"I'll be with you in about an hour. Just make sure you're safe," Dragona responded, then disconnected.
He then turned to Cabader. "You might want to hold on. We're going invisible, for a start."
Cabader nodded in response, "You said an hour. She is all the way in Germany... we are in London. I can tell you are going to make it into a plane. You do not have to warn me. I am not stupid."
Dragona took off the cap of the gearstick to reveal a red button. He pressed it, and it clicked. The outside of the car shimmered, then disappeared completely.
"Once we're in the air, we won't have to be invisible. It's only for now," he said, "F-22 Raptor." he told the artificial intelligence inside the car.
The Porsche whirred inside as invisible wings slid out from either side of the car. The windscreen became thinner and longer. Cabader's chair moved so it was behind him as the glass bent out of place so it covered their heads. Meanwhile, the back of the car folded in on itself until it was much thinner than usual. More metal sprouted from the top of the tail and after several more moments the transformation was complete.
The Porsche had now become an F-22 Raptor, a fighter jet very popular with the American Air Force. Dragona just liked the plane because... well, now that he thought about it, it was because he could absolutely kick ass with it on an aeroplane game he had on his PlayStation 3. But he did like the look of it in comparison to the other fighter jets.
He switched the F-22 so it had a VTOL function. The Vertical Take Off and Landing procedure was impossible for a standard Raptor to have, but he had installed it on to the artificial intelligence because it was incredibly useful for urban flights. A straight road which spanned for the length of a runway was rather rare.
The steering wheel and the pedals, despite the rest of the Porsche, had not changed. He pressed the accelerator pedal and pulled the steering wheel towards him and the Porsche slowly lifted into the air.
When he gained enough altitude, the Porsche shot off into the horizon.
However, his flight was cut short by another phone call. He slowed down the Porsche, then answered mid-flight.
"It's Austin."
"Oh yeah you, what is this about?"
"S**t. Yeah, what about Ytol?"
"He told me to give you a message that he is gonna kill you," Austin said.
"But I'm sure I could help fight this Ytol guy until he's dead."
"Yeah, we could use you but right now I'm busy. I might meet you later, right?"
"Ok," was the reply.
"Listen," Dragona said to him, "Tomorrow text me and I'll text you back saying where I'll meet you. It'll be nice to catch up again."
"Ok. Bye."
He pressed the disconnect button then concentrated on flying.
Cabader cocked his head, "Who was that?"
"It was Austin. Ytol has promised to kill me," Dragona said, "So it's important we get to my island. It'll be about an hour or so to Germany. You're on the guns, so if you see any hostile aircraft - particulary Ytol - just blast him out of the sky. Austin will text me tomorrow, and I'll go and pick him up."
And so they went to Germany in the fighter jet.

Dragona activated the cloaking device again as he neared the road. As soon as he landed the plane, he returned it to the default Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
He pushed down on the accelerator again, making the Porsche roll to a stop outside the house of Aquila Felis.
Dragona opened his door and stepped outside, shutting it behind him. There was a clunk as Cabader did the same from the Porsche's other side.
He went to the boot of the car. He swung it open to reveal a pump action shotgun. He threw it to Cabader, who caught it, loaded it, then held it in his hands.
Dragona, however, prefered a different type of gun.
He opened the space where the spare tyre would normally be. There was a black Arctic Warfare Super Magnum, a sniper rifle that was perfect for shooting long distances. There were numerous different sights and scopes he could use as an attachment set into the black foam where he retrieved the sniper.
He screwed on a silencer to the muzzle of the gun, then clicked an ACOG scope in place. He checked it was level by looking down the sight, smiling slightly at the crosshair with the smiley face in the middle. He had designed it out of sheer randomness, but he found it amusing.
Despite the fact the sniper was a long-range gun, the ACOG scope reduced it to 4x zoom, instead of 12x that it had been previously.
Dragona pushed the five round magazine up into the weapon then extended the pull bolt so a bullet was moved into place.
The gun, being entirely customised, was able to have several other attachments native to other guns such as rifles and pistols. There looked to be no lighting in Aquila's house, so he clicked a tactical light in place, and a grenade launcher underneath the barrel.
He turned to Cabader, with a gun at least twice the size of his shotgun, and also twice as heavy. He didn't mind, though. It looked cool, it was cool, and he could kill people from over a kilometre away.
"Ok, let's go," he said, shutting the boot of the car.
Cabader tilted his head, "Now that is a big gun."
"I know, right?"
They ran over to Aquila's house. The gate was left open so they slipped inside. The door however, was locked.
"I'll take it down with a grenade," Dragona said, then slid a grenade into the hollow pipe of the grenade launcher set underneath his sniper.
"Do not do that," Cabader said, "She may be in no danger at all, and the grenade could take out half of the house."
"Ah. Good point. Oh well, there's plenty of other things to test it on... Ytol Heas, mainly," he said, "I'll see how Ytol likes having a face full of a grenade."
"I doubt he would be impressed," Cabader said, "You can open the lock with the air. You do not have to destroy half of the door."
Dragona nodded, then propped the gun up against the gate post. He raised his hand and inserted some particals of air into the lock, then formed the air in a solid barrier in the shape of the key. He twisted it and it unlocked the door.
Cabader turned the handle and he pushed open the door. He went first, striding into the hallway with his shotgun raised.
Dragona followed, aiming over Cabader's shoulder with his large sniper rifle. The red crosshair of the ACOG scope glowed in the dark, which aided his vision. He clicked on the tactical light and the white beam lit up the darkness.
There were voices from inside the living room. Cabader slowly twisted the door handle and barged his way through.
"Freeze!" Dragona yelled at the top of his voice.
There were movements from within the room and a strange glow that kept changing every few moments.
"I think we should blow this place up," said a voice.
"Yeah, I'll get the bombs. You get the cars," replied another.
A light clicked on.
Dragona searched for movement with his tactical light as he entered.
"You know, you could have just used the door bell, right?" Aquila's voice said from within. As the full room came into view, he saw her sat on the sofa with her parents sat in chairs either side of her.
She was watching a film.
And her parents were looking at him and Cabader with their eyes wide.
"Well this is awkward," Dragona said.
Aquila sighed, then turned to her parents, "Sorry, wartet einen Moment. Ich rede mit ihnen."
"Ok," was the reply from her father.
Aquila stood up and walked towards the door. Dragona and Cabader went back to the hallway. She shut the door behind her.
When they were out of her parent's listening range, she arched an eyebrow. "Why did you run in here with guns? I'm perfectly safe."
"You were there when Ytol was killed," Dragona said to her, "He'll want to pay you a visit too. The best thing we can do now is all get together. Get a large group of us in the same place. I have some friends that could help. It's the only chance we have."
Cabader nodded, "And, we have to assume there are more people than Ytol Heas that have come back to life. The person, or whatever managed to revive them, must be very powerful. We need somewhere easy to defend."
"My island. It shows up on no map because it's so small, and it has some magical and physical defences. Particulary a huge naval cannon, that I'm rather proud of," Dragona told her, "It would be the best place to go under the circumstances."
Dragona's phone rang.
He took it out of his pocket and swiped the screen to answer the call.
"Hello?" he spoke into the phone.
"Dragona, listen," said the voice on the other end. A deep male voice with the hint of a German accent - Emit Sargo, "There's a group of sorcerers called Blue Moon. You know them, right?"
"Hello Emit. And yes, I do. All wear gas masks and black clothing, carry automatic pistols and ride motorbikes? Fun to shoot? They the ones you mean?"
"Yes. Those are the ones. Big fan of apocalypses and stuff. Tend to help people who want to destroy the world... I'm just tracking twenty nine of them heading towards your position. Better get out of the building you're in and prepare for a lot of gunshots."
"Thanks Emit. Any ETA on them?"
"About seven minutes. They're coming in from all directions."
"Come to my island tomorrow, Emit. We need your help."
"Roger that Mr Pine. Tomorrow it is," Emit replied with a smile in his voice, "After all, how long has it been?"
"Our last meeting hasn't even happened for another... thousand years or so? So not long at all, in fact."
"Bye Dragona."
"Bye Emit."
He turned to Cabader.
"We have some of our friends The Blue Moon heading this way. I'll get up on that hill over there with my sniper. You need to stay on the road and Aquila... to make sure you're safe, could you stay in the car?"
She nodded and smiled, "I'll talk to Steve."
"My car isn't called Steve."
"The artificial intelligence is."
"No it isn't, it doesn't have any name."
"It told me it was called Steve. We're good friends."
"Ok then, you can talk to Steve whilst Cabader and I shoot everyone."

Dragona went and laid down on top of the hill with his sniper. He had changed the ACOG scope for its traditional 12x rifle scope and the grenade launcher for a bipod so he could steady it against the ground. The silencer, however, was still on.
He could see the Blue Moon motorcycle riders coming over the horizon. Cabader was stood next to the Porsche, ready with his shotgun to take on as many Blue Moon soldiers as came at him. Aquila was sat in the Porsche, with all the doors locked. She was talking to the AI inside his car.
He raised his sniper and rested the bipod on a small mound of dirt, then aimed down the scope.
Dragona sent out a hollow tube of air from the barrel of his gun, all the way to the Blue Moon members who were rapidly approaching the Porsche. This would make sure that he could fire straight. He wouldn't have to compensate for gravity nor the wind speed.
He slowly twisted the gun on its bipod so he was constantly aiming at the Blue Moon members.
Dragona waited until the perfect moment, then fired.
The gun hardly made a sound.
The bullet, meanwhile, travelled at eight hundred and fifty metres per second. It took just over a moment to flash towards the Blue Moon members. It struck the leading rider in the temple, blowing a large chunk of his head off. The bullet carried on, however, and struck a second member in the neck. Both fell off their bikes and hit the floor.
Dragona made sure another bullet was in the firing chamber, then aimed again.
He heard a rustling sound from behind him and there was a disturbance in the air.
There were two Blue Moon members sneaking up on him from behind, one with a savage knife raised. It had a serrated edge and a gut hook on the tip. Not something he wanted sticking out of his back.
As the Blue Moon member swung the knife towards him, he rolled over, brought up his sniper and shot the person with the knife straight through the glass of their gas mask.
The second member took out a sword, so Dragona dropped his sniper and drew both of his. He would have used the gun, but it would take several seconds to move the pull bolt to put another round in the firing chamber. Several seconds he didn't have.
Dragona noticed shadows swirling around the blade.
"Oh s**t, Necromancer," he hissed as the Blue Moon member sent tendrils of darkness at him. He rolled out of the way, managing to slice the tips off several of the strands before he twisted to his feet. He set his swords alight. They glowed with a blue flame, travelling the full length of his katanas.
Dragona sliced his sword sideways through the wave of shadows that were sent at him. He felt the slight metallic clang as his swords met that of the Necromancer.
The Blue Moon member spun and lashed out with a sharpened blade of shadows. He blocked it with a solid barrier of air, then swiped at the Necromancer's legs. The Necromancer jumped, and swung his shadow-infused blade down, which Dragona blocked with the flat of his blade and opened up the Necromancer's defences by pushing his sword out wide.
He used the advantage to elbow the Blue Moon member in the chest, instantly winding him and again giving him plenty of time to slice a long cut down the middle of the Necromancer's chest, which he only had time to do before the sword-wielding man leaped out of the way.
The Necromancer shadow-jumped behind him, but Dragona was ready. He elbowed the Blue Moon member in the face, ducked underneath a wave of shadows then, as he spun, he opened up a long and deep cut through the Necromancer's stomach. Something next to no one could survive from.
The Blue Moon member dropped to the floor, and he sheathed his swords.
He picked up his sniper again and made sure a bullet was in the firing chamber by pulling the pull bolt. The gang members were definitely near Cabader now.
And he wanted to be in the middle of the fight.
Dragona jumped off the edge of the hill, pushing the air to slow his descent to the bottom. He landed softly, and sprinted down the slight incline towards his Porsche.
It took him about a minute to get there. He opened the boot, put the sniper in and took out an MP5A3.
The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 was famous for being a perfect counter-terrorist weapon. It provided plenty of fire power in a small package, and had a good rate of fire perfect for nearly any environment.
And Dragona liked the sound it made.
He loaded it, then crouched next to the Porsche. He rested the gun over the bonnet and aimed his gun down the road.
"Nice for you to join me," Cabader said.
"Being a sniper is too boring," Dragona replied with a shrug, "This is much more fun."
A machine gun slid out from Cabader's forearm. It began to spin with a whirring noise that was audible even from the other side of the Porsche.
As soon as the first motorcycle rider came into view, Dragona and Cabader began firing at the same time. The MP5A3 had a much faster rate of fire, so it fired several rounds in the space Cabader had only fired one.
Dragona, though, had a perfect aim, and the first rider dropped after a few rounds. He didn't stop. They flooded all over the road, so he began spraying bullets everywhere. Several dropped, but most bullets only hit the motorbikes.
When the sub-machine gun clicked empty, Dragona put it down on the ground and drew his swords.
Bullets pinged off the bodywork of the Porsche as he closed in on the Blue Moon members, who were climbing off their motorbikes. Cabader still fired his machine gun, though he was allowing them to come closer to engage him in close-quarters combat.
A blast of energy hissed past Dragona's head as he sliced through the side of one of the members, then he spun, blocking a blow of a large hammer with his sword, whilst opening up the stomach of the Blue Moon member with his other blade.
He blocked a gunshot from a silenced automatic pistol using the air, then allowed the bullets to fall to the floor as he carved his way through the Blue Moon soldiers.
Dragona spun his swords in his hands, then blocked a swing of a heavy greatsword with his katanas in an 'x' shape. He twisted the swords and the blade of the gang member shattered into several pieces. He immediately had to block another strike of a blade, whilst kicking another masked figure in the chest.
Dragona ducked underneath several swipes of blades and splayed his fingers over the ground. The floor shook as cracks spread in all directions. He made water flow to the surface, then rolled out of the way as a silenced pistol fired and the bullet hit the ground instead.
He altered the temperature of the air, and the water froze. The ground was covered in ice.
Several of the Blue Moon members fell instantly, but Dragona danced over the ice. His feet made as little contact as possible to the ground, only a half of his feet at the most. He blocked swipes and stabs as fast as they came, and responded with those of his own, which killed or knocked over many of the gang members.
He swung his right katana into the gut of a gang member, then as he doubled over in pain, Dragona rolled over his back and continued the fighting in a seperate space where he wasn't currently surrounded.
A fireball crackled next to his arm and he felt the flames scorch his arm, but he didn't lose concentration.
Block. Swipe. Parry. Stab. Dodge. Duck. Block. Swipe.
He continued the fight, still not feeling tired unlike the Blue Moon members who definitely were. They hadn't got his stamina. They hadn't got his speed. And most of all, they had next to no experience. Their blows were clumsy and most of them went wide. They were too close for comfort, however, which made him instinctively block their blows despite the fact most didn't need them.
He had already killed most of them, and several more were laying on the floor, not moving, blood coating their clothing.
The ground was already slippery under his feet, even without the ice. There was a thick layer of blood over the ground. A crimson blanket that covered the floor.
However, it didn't break Dragona's stride. He was trained to fight on any surface, even up the side of a building. He only changed his foot position slightly with every step and made sure that he had enough grip to be able to swing his sword, but otherwise his fighting style was no different.
The Blue Moon members were not so fortunate. The combination of blood and ice kept making them fall over, and that allowed them to fall victim to his swords which spun in a vicious ark. He showed them no mercy. They weren't here for him, or Cabader. They had left no trace of their trip to Germany, which only left one possibility.
They were after Aquila.
No one wanted to hurt Aquila. Unless...
Ytol. He had planned to take her hostage. He, however, had not counted on Dragona and Cabader's presence. That much was clear. If he had known Dragona would have been there, he'd have come in person. Not leave it up to the clever, but inexperienced Blue Moon. As far as Ytol was concerned, it would have been a simple pick up and go. Not a bloody firefight that painted the road in blood. If it had been, he would have sent a hundred. At least. Not nearly thirty.
He despatched the last of his group of the Blue Moon with a swipe of his sword, then wiped the blades clean on one of their jackets.
Cabader meanwhile, had about ten surrounding him. He was spinning and twisting and sending jets of fire everywhere. Corpses littered the ground around him, some charred, many with cuts in their chests.
Cabader extended his hands, letting blows rain down on him. None had any affect, even the magical ones. Dragona sat on the bonnet of the Porsche and watched. He didn't want to help - Cabader was definitely able to take on a couple of gang members by himself.
Just to prove it, as if Cabader had read his mind, he sent waves of fire out. It instantly cremated all of the men, living and not.
Dragona smiled at him, "I've never seen you do that before."
"I have never done that before. I thought it would be effective on multiple targets," Cabader replied with a shrug.
"We need to get going. No doubt Ytol will recieve news of us killing the Blue Moon. We need to get to my island, and fast," he replied, and opened the Porsche door.
"Me and Steve had a wonderful conversation," Aquila said with a smile.
"All the Blue Moon are dead," Cabader pointed out, "We are leaving."
"Oh, ok. That was quick," she said.
"We didn't waste any time," Dragona replied, "Black Jaguar XF."
The Porsche deformed and twisted and folded, making a slight whirring noise as it did so. The paint changed to black and the lights became elongated and stretched, until they looked fierce and cool.
After a few moments, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS had changed into a black Jaguar XF.
"Unless you count a helicopter," Dragona said, "That would be very slow; the best way of travel, with four seats, would be a car until we reach the sea. It won't take us long, maybe a few days."
Cabader shook his head, "I can use the fire to fly, remember? You and Aquila can take the plane, and I will fly alongside."
Dragona turned to Aquila, "Want to see my island, now?"


  1. Huh, seems I'll have to hurry to catch up on Aquila's version of what happened... ^^

    It's really good, keep writing. :)

  2. You write really fast and manage to not have something really bitty. Mine, on the other hand, was rushed because I didn't want to be left in the dust. Tis' short, but hopefully not bad.