Monday, 29 April 2013

Dead Reaping


First things first: If you don't know me, I'm Dragona Pine. General randomer, possibly a ninja and I also have a blog which I have been doing for several years in which I have been a minion.

Anyway, I thought of an idea and I decided I would make a joint story kind of thing where people write about different characters in the story, so a number of perspectives is heard but they all contribute to the overall storyline in which all the characters are set.

If you are interested, if you comment and leave your email I'll add you as an author immediately then I will explain my ideas so far - BUT these can be changed. Everything is up for discussion at this point, so if you have a good idea then we can add it in to the general storyline. I'm leaving it as free as possible until we start writing, so there will be several opportunities beforehand to get our ideas together and to figure out the storyline type thing. Anyone is welcome.

Also, there will be several design changes as I only did this quickly :)