Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Komodo Devious - Part 1

Komodo sat, huddled in a corner in the ghost house, desperate to remain unseen. He had just found out that there was someone out there, mutilating people into bloody, mangled corpses, that had his face, his name, and, most worryingly, his powers. Komodo’s powers were a unique gem, unseen in the mage world. He never asked for them, never trained for them, never paid for them (which was becoming a thing in the black market, the transfusion of one mage’s powers to another host.) He just went through the surge, and there they were, the ability to create force-fields, shards of light. They required concentration, but were very powerful.

He looked around his hidey-hole for something that could help him. Even his wallet was at his home. Komodo stood up straight and examined every aspect of the house. Every crack, every nook, every cranny, to get accustomed. Komodo committed it to memory and started to ponder the uses.

He then remembered to check out the basement, which was often a very helpful room for hiding and/or planning strategies. He turn on the lights and crept down the wooden stairs, keeping his long black fringe out of his eyes with one hand. Komodo found nothing to help him fight, but he did find something.


Wit TINa

And on the floor in front of that wall there was 2 bodies, one split down the middle with its head and legs stuck in cavities in the torso, the other was disembowelled, a signature of Komodo’s worst nightmare.

“Jesus Christ, he’s been here”, Breathed Komodo, panic crossing his face. If he had been here, he would probably have sentries. Komodo whipped out his mobile phone and dialled Dragona


“Wait, what? Slow down.”

Komodo slowed down, took a deep breath, and started to explain. “Ok. A mage recently “escaped” from the Haven insane asylum in Wicklow. He has the same face as me, the same huge black eyes as me, the same hair, voice, claymore and even powers!”

You could feel Dragona’s frown through the phone. “But your powers are an oddity. No one knows how to train for them.”

“I know! He’s the exact same as me. Even the same personality. The only difference is that he’s a more experienced mage and he’s a psychopathic sadist. So, naturally, he’s been seen mutilating people and everyone thinks it’s me. He’s been slow about it though. With his power he could charge through any mortal.” Komodo sighed. “ So I’m currently in hiding, wondering what the hell is with me.”

“ Yeah, well, I’ve got a few problems too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ytol Heas is back to life, apparently, and the words “Darkness Rising” are showing up all over Europe. It’s like the Passage all over again. Also, he knows where Aquila lives and recently tried attacking her.”


“Woah, what’s going on?”

“Darkness Rising! Shit shit shit shit shit shit balls fuck! KOMODO DEVIOUS I WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL!”


“Dragona, do you think you’re high enough up in the sanctuary to get me out of this mess? You know no one will believe me, with my past.”

“Well, I can try.”

“Good. I am gonna rue the day I was born.”


  1. I'm a sweary person. And a role-model. 09002314876 for babysitting. 30 euro for 2 hours.

  2. Really awesome Komodo. I can't wait to see how this turns out. :)

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    1. Rose, what the hell. Don't remove your comments. BE PROUD OF THEM! Cos' you know, they compliment me and make me feel warm and fuzzy.