Saturday, 4 May 2013

Questions & Answers

So now we've sorted out the villains, our OCs and the general storyline. This is the post for when people are confused, they get their questions answered before specifics are decided and we start writing.


  1. What the firetruck is going on? The storyline....I havent the slghtest idea

    1. OK Zafira, this is what we've kind of gone for:

      The story will be starting off as the villains return back to life if they're dead and join forces. It will start off as our characters (except if our characters are bad guys) vs the villains.
      However, later on in the story there will be a mix up. Characters and villains will create different teams depending on their reasons for well... being a villain. For example, if some villains dislike your character, they'd be against you. If some villains had nothing to do with you, then you might get along depending on your character's personality etc.

    2. So... if our characters aren't very fond of each other, then they would be more likely to join forces with a villain who dislikes them also. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

  2. Oh, and to any Dead Reapers who haven't read the story yet, the theme of which I'd like to use in this story:

  3. And a comment would be appreciated too as a form of feedback. ^^



    Alright, I read Light, but other than that I've done like nothing in my free time irl and I'm still falling miles behind.

    Have you people heard of the term 'leisurely'? It means kind of relaxed, slow, laid back, not hurrying. :P

    *quotes God of the Mind by Disturbed* Time, never having an easy time, never gonna have an easy time . . .

    Yeah, so I'll catch up when I have the time to catch up. :P
    But I have THGC and homework, so that may delay me further.

  5. Question!!! Me and Eden Threatning are a team. So if i post a chapter of me and Eden Talking, is that OK?

  6. When can we begin posting?

  7. Brave, when we start writing yes.

    And Brad, when everyone knows what they're doing. I might have to change the idea to my original one because the one we decided on is VERY complicated and I'm not sure it will work. I'll have to post the first chapter though. More of a prologue, really.

  8. Also, if no one has read my story yet that I want to use:

  9. Sorry, had no wifi when we were sorting out villains, so I'll just post mine here...

  10. Name: Impalpable Cane
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Welsh
    Age: 43, looks 30
    Appearance: Short and fat. Could pass off as a kind man, looks jolly most of the time. Normally wears suits.
    Personality: Not as a whole evil, certainly mischievous. No issues with his mental health, could have been quite a nice guy if he hadn't turned to crime.
    Magical discipline: Channelling. Most channellers will have a single coloured soul. Some, if they're lucky will get two or three, but Impalpable got pretty much every colour in the spectrum.
    Weapons: Not his thing
    Friends: None (Trip?)
    Enemies: Trip, others not mentioned here (The channeller assassins?)
    Backstory: Impalpable was an easygoing man in the eighties, about to hit the surge and unsure what discipline to go for. When he was approached by Jeremiah Slumber, he was a little taken back. Apparently this man could teach him to be more powerful than he could possibly imagine, so he accepted. When he started his training he realised that he could make his soul energy any colour he wanted, which was apparently rather unusual. He started making things invisible by cloaking them with a thin layer of energy, coloured perfectly to show what was on the other side. He went a bit mad with power, stealing larger and larger things, but this had already been a concern to Trip, and he had made precautions, when he tried to steal all the money in a bank vault, he was chased to the top floor of a building, and tried to duel Trip. He was quickly subdued as he wasn’t really a fighter, much more a sneaker. So everyone was surprised when he rolled off the edge of the building, plummeting to his death. Just kidding! Trip caught him with energy, but he broke most of his bones. But it was no surprise to anyone when he escaped from his high security hospital. He started renting out his abilities as a mercenary, concealing people until they got close enough to go in for the kill. He never got into the assassin market though, he didn't kill (a lot), the people who employed him did. He stole what he needed, but was captured by Trip a lot. It got to the point where they would catch up and then Impalpable would inevitably escape, no matter how hard Trip tried. It was sort of a game. He isn't a major threat, but is almost always employed by powerful people to assist their maniacal plans.
    Status: Alive and kickin’

  11. Impalpable would happily work with Trip, they have before, but Trip had a knife to his throat. To be honest he'll work with most people, but he's crossed a few people to many times.

  12. These next guys are an organisation, just to tell you.
    Name: No main one. Commonly known as the channeller assassins.
    Leader: Feldidae Workhorse (Deceased)
    Number of members: 37 (28 are alive)
    Mottos and such: They think that’s stupid and degrading.
    Backstory: Inevitably, whenever there is a highly powerful discipline, there will be at least a few assassin's using it. These people were one such group. They were a fairly average group, accepting money for killing people, killing people, getting away with it, all the usual stuff. But then, in 1994, they made a grave mistake, they framed Trip Castalan for the murder of the Scottish elder, John Johnson (he had a great sense of humour). Trip was exiled along with all his friends. He was determined to find the real culprit. After some first class detective work, Trip tracked them down. He wouldn’t tell anyone where to though, and insisted on going alone. When his friends refused he locked them in a cupboard and left. Trip told next to nothing about the events that transpired in the unknown place. All that he told was that the whole thing had been an elaborate ruse to get him to try and join, that he had killed five of them excluding their leader. He had killed him also, but he had had an almost identical colour soul to Trip’s, which was how he had set him up. After Feldidae’s death, they sort of disbanded. They kept in contact, but were no longer united under one banner. They search and search for a way to bring back their master, refusing to take away his dignity by making him a zombie of any kind. Only three that have been captured since the incident, and when questioned on what happened, footage always shows Trip stepping out of the shadows/ off the shot and killing both the interviewer and the interviewee...

  13. The channeller assassins would work with anyone who might be able to bring their master back, as they are an organisation, I can't say that for all of them, but that is really what made me remember of them for this plot line.

  14. Okay, so here's a question: Is there a limit to how /dead/ a villain can be?
    I mean, it's all very well if your villain had a sword stuck though him, or was drowned or something, and is still whole, but what if he was nothing more than ashes? What if there were pieces of him spread right across the country?
    How exactly would the revival work?

    Sorry if it sounds a little on the odd side, but I had a couple of villain ideas, and I need to how that would fit together. :)

  15. Well;.. As you've seen by the prologue, if you read my story Ytol had been stabbed three times and then shot. So, no. No limits, though if they were scattered around the world they would have to visit every location, heal what was there then go on to another, then heal them that way. So it would take a while, but it'd still work.

    1. *nods* Thanks.
      So, say they'd been burned to ashes, you'd have to collect every individual, like, ash? Sounds... difficult.
      Would they just have to find a way to get hold of them, somehow, or..?
      Also: You said Ytol's been stabbed three times and shot - I'm assuming the ressurection kinda heals those wounds? So he's not full o' holes?
      This IS for a purpose. I'm not just trying to be difficult and poke holes in anything. I have some plans. :P

      (I AM Taia. I just happen to be a dinosaur atm, too.)

    2. I mean, I'm good to work something out, but I just wanted to clarify that that's still POSSIBLE within the story.
      Thanks. :) ^^

      *disappears to plot villainous plots and be dinosaur-ly*

  16. Well, it would be possible and it'd heal all wounds. Since Ytol Heas, for example, can control nearly everything, he'd be able to transport every bit if ash for the girl to heal.

  17. Okay, great. I'll be working on that idea when I have the time for it, then. Thanks for your help. :)