Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hello Dead Reapers.

Yesterday we managed to sort out the general storyline, as in, the vague overview. There will be time to figure out the specifics later, after we have discussed several other factors. If you have not yet read what we discussed about the storyline, please go on to the post named "Discussions etc" and read the comments.

Today, it is time for the characters. Our OCs. The people who will be in the team. NOT the villains, they will be the next thing to decide.

Our characters will play a big part in the story. They will fight together (well, at least until later on in the story), they will talk, and they will interact.
We need to decide which characters we're going to use by posting their biographies (their name, age, magical ability, appearance etc) here. You CAN use more than one OC as a good guy, just as you can use more than one villain. You will need to post every OC you wish to use in the comment section, though you can add more when we start writing if you wish.

In terms of characters, we also need to think about who will and won't get along. As stated yesterday, we were (kind of) planning for it to be a good guys vs bad guys story for a start, though it will get mixed up later because the villains WILL have good reasons for doing whatever. So if characters have arguments, it could have a dramatic effect in the mix-up that will occur later in the story. Friends could turn to enemies, allies could turn into... uh, not-allies. And this could change the outcome of the story.

It would also be a good idea, if anyone has any specific ways in which they want their characters to be treated (e.g. Dragona DEFINITELY doesn't like being made fun of), then to post that too.

In terms of one of my OCs, my main one, Dragona, will gain something extra in my fanfic. So it would be particulary useful if all you Dead Reapers would read the piece that I've nearly finished, as there is a certain aspect of something I would like to include in Dead Reaping.


  1. Ok, Dragona I am going to have one character for now...
    Name: Malduggery Reeks
    Magic: Adept (Necromancy)
    Biography: He is fun when he has to be and serious as well. He dosen't know whether to be on one side or the other. He dose'nt know his place. He is powerful and is friends with Dragona Pine (If that is alright)

  2. Yep Brad, that's fine. Though we do need a lot more detail. Appearance, short history, weapons, clothes he wears, etc.

    1. Dragona this guy was wanting to join us, on Derek Landy's blog go check it out... a bit late though

  3. My OC is the one I named myself after on here.

    Aquila Felis is about 18, has brown hair and brown-green eyes, no special style of clothing or anything else that really makes her easy to spot.
    She's a shapeshifter, but she only shifts into three different forms apart from her human one: An eagle, a fox or a cat. She mastered to shapeshift WITH clothes. Important point there. ;)
    What probably makes her different from most of your OCs is that she's German. But her English is fine.
    She already knows Dragona, Taia and maybe Rose - they met in a fanfic of mine on Dragona's wedding. But she's not part of a sanctuary or anything. Most of the time, I make her deal with weird stuff. Currently she has a problem with magic balls that multiply and suck the magic out of you - while purring cutely. ^^
    Being rather young and rather new to all the magic stuff, she might go and expect you to clean up the mess you made when killing zombies. She's done that before. ;)
    If I left any questions open, feel free to ask.

    1. Could she meet Malduggery?

    2. Sure. I'm not sure she wouldn't irritate him, though. If he cares about his self-esteem, he might have a problem with being teased... :P ^^

    3. Meh... I'm Ok with that thats what happens to him! Lol

  4. KK!
    Appearance: He has light blond hair, is nearly 6 foot, dosen't care about what he looks like but cares about his self asteem.
    Weapons: None
    history/age: 66 (Looks 16) A sorcerer who has a secret that he is being blackmailed over!

  5. Ah, I don't really have a full OC as of YET, but I'm not joining the story for another eight weeks or so. If it'd be okay to work something out character-wise in the meantime, and then I should have that sorted when I do join the writing, I'd at least prefer to do that. :)
    And, in addition to THAT, I've a couple of little pieces of ideas as to how I could actually get myself into the story? When that happens.
    And, uh, yeah.

  6. *takes one look at post*

    OH ****.

    *runs in other direction*

    Dammit, now I have to make an OC. :)

    That's fine. :) Five seconds. *remembers homework* Uh, five hours. :P

  7. This is my characters bio:

    Name: Dragona Pine.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 83, but looks about twenty.
    Magic: Extremely powerful Elemental, more powerful than Skulduggery.
    Description: Tall, 6ft 4, with short brown hair and brown eyes.
    Favourite Weapons: Twin Katanas, master at using guns as well.
    Personality: Friendly, but thinks that if there is no need to speak, then he will not. He is quite modest, and enjoys killing Zombies and Vampires.
    Vehicle: Porsche 911 GT3 RS that can turn into any vehicle he tells it to, in any colour. It has an artificial intelligence inside, but it can't do anything apart from give statuses about stuff
    Likes: Fighting, Cars, Talking and Driving fast.
    Dislikes: Vampires, Zombies, Faceless Ones and Remnants.
    History: Was born in Yorkshire, he has a Yorkshire accent and will often refer to things which Yorkshire people do. His mum and dad were killed when he was five, but the attacker did not kill him. When he was twenty, he tracked down the killer and threw him off a building, it so happened that the killer was a Vampire, so that is why he hates them. The killer died from the fall.
    When he was thirty, he was beaten up in a fight in a pub in Roarhaven, the guy was a self-healing Zombie, who knocked him out with a bottle of beer.
    He then became powerful, and studied Elemental magic to the extreme. He met Tanith Low and they fought alongside for several years in the 1970s.
    After a couple of years, he managed to track down the Zombie who beat him up, and he 'accidentally' ended up jumping out of a plane, and died because there was little of him to repair himself.
    Dragona is known to carry grudges, such as the hate of Vampires and Zombies, and often kills who ever beats him up or kills someone he knows. Apart from this, he is a friendly character, and has a love of video games. He has been training for the last few years on physical attacks, and is a master at all known fighting styles, he can easily escape from enemies if he so wishes, doing flips and spins are another trick he has learned in training. He has not been known to fight in major battles in Ireland, but he had been involved in the battle involving the Faceless Ones, and Skulduggery had tried to shoot him, mistaking him for a person who had been overtaken by the Faceless Ones. He likes his twin Katanas which he picked up over the years, and is a master at using them, can mow down enemies within seconds, and one blow. He is too young to have fought in the war, but knows plenty about it.
    A few years ago, he found out that Hawk (his brother - who is kind of a ninja), was the person who killed his parents and he dislikes him, though they COULD get on since it was like 79 years ago, though there'd be a lot of arguments between them.
    He has also battled Durham Laslit (who he killed).
    And also Ytol Heas (also dead).
    He has several connections with the Special Operations of the Supernatural (SOS), and quite a lot of sanctuaries dislike him.

  8. Oh, and Dragona is in a relationship with Aquila. :P

  9. Uh-oh. Dragona, don't bring all of yours or this will end up crowded. :P ^^

  10. Name: Cabader. He has no last name.
    Age: 90, looks nothing.
    Gender: Male.
    Personality: Cabader hardly speaks, he only says something when spoken to or he has an idea. If he's set on a mission, he will complete it under any circumstances and protect his friends whilst doing so. He can kill people with no regret, but will protect the innocent and people who he cares about. In battle he is ruthless and deadly.
    Clothes: Black Motorcycle helmet, a black jacket which he has zipped up all the time, black outdoor/motorcycle trousers, black outdoor gloves and black outdoor boots. He never takes them off, and never changes. The arms are made of metal, and he can sprout blades from his wrists, knuckles, elbows and shoulders. In his forearm, he can slide out the machine gun that killed him and fire bullets from it.
    Nationality: English.
    Accent: Synthesised and robotic, but more human than the traditional robot voice. Speaks without using apostrophes, like instead of "I'm", "I am."
    History: He was a soldier in WWII, fighting on the border between Germany and France. After a successful take-over of an enemy trench, he was shot five times by a German machine gun. He died from his injuries, but his spirit didn't move on.
    A few hours after he was killed, his spirit was found by a dark mage called Travisan. Travisan made a body for Cabader out of pieces of a broken soul catcher, Cabader's old uniform and parts of the machine gun that had killed him. His head was the barrel of the machine gun, and his body was infused with magic so that it could operate, and he could fire bullets from his head. His arms could form blades and other assorted weapons. He used his machine gun head to kill the six German soldiers who had killed him.
    After getting his revenge, he realised he couldn't remember anything from his previous life except for his death, and became more aware of the world.
    He realised that Travisan was about to destroy the world by summoning Faceless Ones to Earth, and set about stopping him.
    The fight lasted three hours, and in which time, Cabader suffered twenty two blows to the head, from bolts of magic which Travisan fired at him. He should have died again from his injuries, but he suffered no physical wounds.
    To test his newly found immortality, he set himself against another German machine gun. He was hit forty times in the chest and head, but the bullets bounced back at the machine gun and made it explode, killing the soldiers.
    He remained in the war until it ended, and then was lonely until the year 1998.
    Powers: Cabader is indestructable to any form of violence that hits him. As he is a spirit wearing clothes, he cannot get hurt. The materials that contain him are indestructable also, so his clothes cannot wear, or get ripped by anything. Blades bend, or bounce off him, bullets are sent back to the person who fired them and bones will break on any violent contact with him. As he was an elemental before he died, he can control fire. It's the only trace of his once great power that remains, but he is a master at it. Oddly, his visor for his helmet glows orange when he controls flames.
    Due to the parts of the soul catcher in his clothing, and it contains a good spirit, it glows white instead of throbbing black like ordinary soul catchers. On a night, cracks of white light can be seen through the gaps of his clothing and the last person to call him "The Human Nightlight" was unfortunately killed by a hail of machine gun bullets that hit him in the head at point blank range.
    Weapons: As said in the clothing, Cabader can sprout weapons from his arms due to robotic implants made by Thor, using parts of weapons that Travisan made for him. He is a master at using his machine gun, killing people with blades that he can make shorter or longer to his will, but he can also fire shrukiens at enemies.
    Phrase To Sum Him Up: "He's not a bad guy, he's just a very twisted good guy."

  11. Name: Emit Sargo.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 41, looks 23.
    Appearance: Tall, skinny and has short black hair.
    Clothes: Jeans, T-shirt, jacket and trainers.
    Personality: Friendly, Emit gets all the best lines during fights and has a good sense of humour.
    Nationality: German. His "mother tongue" is English but he does know quite a lot of German. He only has the slightest hint of a German accent.
    Magical Ability: A type of teleporter but far more advanced. He can change position, but it can be anywhere, not just places he's been. Not only can he change position, but he can also move back and forwards in time. Hence his name "Emit" which is "Time" backwards.
    Weapons: An EMP blaster rifle from the year 2075. It fires a EMP pulse which can disrupt most electrical objects as well as delivering the force of a rocket launcher to its desired target. The gun itself is based on the Heckler & Koch XM8 Prototype. It has a pistol built in to the gun itself. The pistol is also an EMP gun.
    Vehicle: An Audi R8 SuperJet 10-21 from the year 2123. The car itself looks no different to any other, but it's very special.
    For starters, it has an AI in it, known as Bob. Bob learns as he gets older and can drive the car by himself. The Audi generates an invisible force field around it which can take immense damage without faltering. Inside the car, it has a prototype weapons system. The lights change into multi-barrelled machine guns, the roof changes into a plasma cannon and a rocket launcher appears from the bonnet.
    The car used technology from 2123 to become able to fly. Although the interior doesn't change, the wheels fold up and a blue light is emitted from underneath when it flies. It becomes a "hover car".
    Likes: His car, his friends, his gun and travelling back in time.
    Dislikes: Zombies, Remnants and people who don't appriciate him.
    History: He was born in 2114 and got into some trouble with the law. He has been hunted down by them ever since, and they occupy a time machine. He can never be safe from them, and went back to 2011 to go into hiding. There he met friends, and has chosen to say there, using his knowledge of the future to help and assist his friends. He hasn't got many friends as people choose not to trust him.

  12. Name: The Ghost (Dimitri McManus).
    Age: Unknown.
    Nationality: Russian.
    Personality: Unknown.
    Appearance: He has many, but this is his favourite: special ops military helmet with visors and a faceplate (with military camouflage), camouflaged body armour with military clothes underneath.
    Magical Ability: The ability to absorb people's memories (either letting them keep them, or making them forget things) when he touches them.
    Other Abilities: He was trained by Spetnaz so is near-perfect at aiming, and can sustain a lot of pain without cracking. He can also tell most things about a person without touching them, which isn't magical, only a result of his training. He has an ability to pilot or drive nearly every vehicle, and is trained in explosives, stealth, combat and has an amazing natural gift for languages.
    History: He was trained as a Spetnaz recruit. He was bullied by his instructor for several years until he learned to set explosives. He then used his skills to blow up his instructor using some C4.
    He discovered his magical ability when on his first tour in the US as an undercover spy. He was faced by six CIA agents and he used his ability (accidentally) to make them forget he had ever been there. He has infiltrated several terrorist organisations in his time and has never been unsuccessful in doing so.
    Weapons: Two katanas, 2 silenced pistols, a silenced sniper rifle, a 2 silenced MP5s, a grappling hook and some throwing stars. (he doesn't carry them all at the same time).
    Vehicle: A Kawasaki Ninja.

  13. These are only suggestions btw. :)

  14. My other characters will appearare in Mals story so no need to describe them here

  15. Does everyone know of the boys name: Eli?

  16. I'm really confused. Do we write this the same way as tehy do in MC?

    1. Hi Eli! I don't know about how they do it on MC, but we'll kind of meet up acting as our characters, and take turns in writing that down as a story. ^^
      At least that's what I understood.

  17. I'm gonna let everyone else explain because I'm not really sure how to.

  18. gtg, dinner! Maybe tea, dunno, I'll post characters later.

  19. NAME:Eli Ulcabhán Brave. (pronounced Eeeeeee-lie Ulc-a-von brave)
    Nationality: Irish
    Age: 70 (looks 17)
    Looks: Tall with brownish hair. Always seen wearing light brown chinos and a cool brown half buttoned jacket.

  20. Magic: Necromancer.
    About Eli: Eli is a necromancer like no other. he dosen't wear dull black cloths but colourful relaxed ones. Eli Left the temple at 15, his necromancer training not even half finished. He does not believe in the necromancer ways but still performs there magic. His motto is "Meh what the heck". He is quite clearly awesome.

  21. Waait. A few alterations. He left the temple at the age of 30.

  22. Dragona read my character description!!

  23. Also, add me. I gave my email address on the very first post.

  24. Dragona, I know its alot to ask but can you please email me the plot at I was sick for teh last like three days so i'm behind.

  25. At the end of everyones very first post they should find what there character wears on the intenet and post a pic of it.

  26. Distant, working. Will not yet be posting character descriptions, too busy working. Will read your stuff though. msd

  27. We should just see how it goes and if anyone doesn't understand, then try and sort it out.

  28. Tomorrow will be sorting out the villains, though it'll be a while before we start writing so people can still post their OCs.

  29. And, Brave, I'll post the general story description on here.

    Washing up, brb.

  30. Back.

    And yep Brave, your OC is fine. I don't think Cabader would particulary like your character, being Necromancy and all and Cabader was kind of brought back to life by a form of Necromancy, but I doubt he'd do anything. ^^

  31. Right back so tommorow we sort out the villains and then we what...

  32. And Brave, I wouldn't be laughing about having Cabader as an enemy. If you read his bio... ^^

  33. Brad, villains tomorrow AND their reasons. Then more specific details, then we'll see what else we need to do.

  34. Well after that you could post a blog about what the theme is and then do the first post AND then Dead Reapiers BEGINS!


  36. Brad, have you read my OCs that are up there?

    1. Yeah, read them all there really good!

  37. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten . . . I'll probably write the OC at school tomorrow. :)

    And, I'm not sure whether to make my character a villain or post him here. O_O

    It probably depends on his mood which side he'd pick, so . . .

    Yeah, so I'll probably sort that out in my mind later. :/

  38. The only reason he'd been involved would probably be entertainment anyway . . .

    Oh my gosh. It would be so like him to go and fight on both sides. OMGG, I can so imagine that. *giggles* He'd just find that HILARIOUS. He'd drop all these almost-hints and crack all these jokes and asdfghjkl. And then what he said to one side that the other side would do would happen and they'd be O_O and he'd be O_O "Really? Well, fancy that! What an amazing coincidence." and they'd be all *narrows eyes suspiciously* and he'd be *innocent look* "What?" and then he'd act it out to Ez later complete with exaggerated expressions and she'd just collapse with laughter. XD

    Yeah, sorry, you kind of have to be there to get it, but yeah. :)

    I'm unsure of my ability to write it out properly, but if it didn't hinge on me, it would be jepic. :)

    . . . I might give it a go. Because as the writer of his doings I'm probably under an obligation to write him as he is and that would be so him. :P

    *smiles, imagining how it would be*

  39. Still writing my oc's backstory. It's pretty long and takes a lot of care.

  40. And then both sides would end up chucking him out, probably. XD

    Sorry. I act like my favourite characters are real, a lot of the time . . .

  41. Name:Trip Castalan
    Gender: Male
    Age: He forgot! Looks in his late twenties
    Appearance: Just above average height, broad shoulders. His irises ( the bit with colour in the eyes) look like endless swirling purple voids. His hair is purple and messy.
    Usually wears: Synthetic dark navy coat that goes down to his knees. (100% polyester) Green combat trousers or jeans and varying footwear.
    Personality: Kind. Very kind. In non-combat situations. Or when he’s talking to his enemies, then he’s not very kind, but witty.
    Nationality: English but he lives in Scotland. This has no effect on his accent apart from when he’s angry, then the slightest hint of Scottish seeps into his voice.
    Magical Discipline: Channeling. THIS IS NOT ENERGY THROWING! More info on this later, but basically he can draw out his soul and hit people with it. And shoot people with it. And make things from it. Etc
    Magical ability: Amazing. He could go head to head with Mevolent (And for those of you who were lucky enough to read my prospective mc chapter you know he kind of did) But a better comparison is with lord vile. They both can destroy armies single handedly, which is why I picked him. Dragona talked about villains who could destroy buildings with a gesture, so it seemed that we should need a counterweight.
    Weapons: Trip has a natural affinity with all weapons and keeps enough highly-powerful weapons in his ‘little red box’ which is actually a portal to a pocket dimension to equip an army. But he prefers to use his crystal sword than any other weapon, because, as the backstory won’t tell you, he has a link to it that only another channeler will understand. When he fills the blade ( the part made of lightweight crystal) with soul energy, it has the cutting power only rivalled by a lightsaber.
    Drives: A nice simple volvo V70 (which he loves) And yes the windows are bulletproof and under the regular metal is reinforced aluminium, but that isn’t the point.
    Backstory: Very little is known of Trip Castalan before a century ago. It is known, however, that he passed the surge as a wall walker, and worked for the English sanctuary and never really was of any importance, he was just a low level bureaucrat. As no one ever knew his given name he can’t be tracked by mortal records. But one day he didn’t turn up for work. Or the next day, or the next. When his bread street home was checked he was nowhere to be found. He was declared missing presumed dead and, as he had no next of kin or will, all his money and possessions were taken by the sanctuary. People went missing all the time, he was probably a slave for some crime lord now. He wasn’t seen for two whole years, until he popped up in Scotland with a crystal sword, which he could make glow purple. He fitted all descriptions and people who had known him confirmed his identity. No one knew how old Trip was, or who his family were. No one knew where he was born or indeed who he really was. Security hadn’t been all too tight back then. And he had apparently forgotten. He couldn’t seem to remember much of his past life. No one could tell him, and the parts he did remember where fuzzy, like a half remembered dream. When questioned what these these things were, he wouldn’t tell. He never told anyone what exactly had happened in the two years that he was gone, the closest anyone got was strange things. But the one thing everyone knew, was that his discipline had changed.

  42. But it hadn’t only changed, it had become an extinct one. The last of the channelers were wiped out in 2000 bc, so he couldn’t have learnt it from anyone, or from books. But then how? No one knows, or will EVER find out. (maybe) So after it was it over he was free to live his life, but he no longer had a job at the English sanctuary, and no means of getting back there, but this didn’t seem to matter to him. He approached the scottish grand mage and told him that his sanctuary was only reacting to problems, rather than stopping them, as was every other sanctuary in the world. But his could be the first to pre-empt problems, if he hired him as his ‘spotter’. To Trip’s own surprise he was hired on a minimal wage with a small budget. This was the start of the spotter project. Trip began to control his powers a little better. One of the main downfalls of channeling is it’s lack of easy control. You may want a pillar of energy but instead release a lethal gas (unlikely but possible) It was at this point he met Hypsin Oasis and Xephos Leth. These two men were the oldest of friends and were at the time detectives on secondment from the English sanctuary. They heard about Trip and were intrigued, so they came and talked to him. This blossomed into a beautiful friendship, and before the end of their secondment they had quit their jobs in England to live in Scotland and work for Trip , using up the whole budget with their pay. The first ‘spotter squad’ had been formed. The spotter project became more and more successful and gained higher and higher funding, and more and more people came to work for them. And with this success grew Trip’s political and magical power. At this point he started training new channelers, He had become a full blown department and was even nipping problems at the bud. He became a feared crime fighter, people feared the ‘purple man’ in Scotland almost as much as the ‘skeleton detective’ in Ireland. At this point people started to take note of the merits of spotters and they started to pop up in every sanctuary, soon they were as commonplace as an administrator. He started sending out spies during the cold war, everyone else was doing it, why couldn’t he? At first they were a small division, but then they became larger and focused on more targets and the department became mostly spies sending reports. This got to the point when anyone of any danger or importance was being watched. That includes you, Dragona. You have some interesting friends. Because of this, Trip commands just under half of all the Scottish sanctuary’s staff. and has the largest budget of any sanctuary department anywhere. Because of this, he knows about any major threat up front and is normally a key player in stopping it, and will probably know more details than anyone else.

    1. *grins*
      It means he might not know about my OC, though. Not powerful at all, not part of any sanctuary, hasn't been involved in anything big... well. The invasion of purring balls might become something big, but oh well. ^^

  43. Sorry, that was so long it took 2 comments to post!

  44. I forgot to say he now has total control over his powers.

  45. Name: Hypsin Oasis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 213 looks 35
    Appearance: Black hair, short, plump
    Clothes: long flowing robes (jedi-ish)
    Personality: Friendly and charismatic
    Nationality: English but lives in Scotland, no effect on accent
    Magical Discipline: Violent Psychic. Roots through your mind with assistance from his staff, makes you see things like purple lightning and energy shields that you think are real and react to. The lightning, for instance, makes you think you’re dead.
    Weapons: Staff and sometimes a sword, but rarely.
    Backstory: His family had a long history of being violent psychics.So he joined the violent psychics at their temple and they taught him their ways. One day he was out and came back to find the temple razed to the ground by faceless one cultists. His family were all in the temple when it was attacked and all died. He hunted each and every member of the attack down and killed them in their sleep. It was this skill that Zephos Leth picked up on. Hypsin was unsure what to do with his life, so gladly accepted the offer to be a detective with Zephos. They became friends and saved each other's lives a lot. And then he met Trip Castalan, this crazy, charming man with big ideas. Then, he knew what to do with his life.

  46. Name:Zephos Leth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 243 looks 36
    Appearance: Tall, skinny, ginger hair
    Clothes: They change too frequently
    Personality: Childish, authoritative, wise
    Nationality:English, lives in Scotland no effect on accent
    Magical Discipline: Cursed
    Weapons: Vary, none really
    Backstory: At birth he was cursed by a witch because his mother was indecisive. He is forever changing disciplines and can never go through the surge. The changes occur randomly and last a random period of time. From an early age he knew he wanted to be sanctuary detective, so that’s what he became. Easy. His parents didn’t die in a dramatic yet horrifying scene of destruction and live in yorkshire. So when he met Hypsin Oasis he knew what he had to do. He had been handed everything he wanted in life and this person had nothing but spite that had no outlet. So he decided to help him at all costs. And he did. Life was good for Xephos Leth. Then he met Trip Castalan and became a more awesome kind of detective. In life you play the cards you’re given, and Xephos Leth got a royal flush.

  47. Name: Aretha Tesla
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18, looks 21 (my hair makes me look older than I am, and my ageing has just started to slow)
    Appearance: Exactly my profile pic. Short brown hair, eyes that shift from green to brown and sometimes a mix of the two, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, built slim so I tend to look weaker than I am.
    Clothing: Again, exactly what you see in my picture. I always wear plain black pants and that same black leather jacket, with some tight, brightly-colored shirt beneath it, and for shoes, I always wear Converse. Life is too exciting to worry about matching clothes.
    Personality: Exactly the same as mine. Aretha is literally me, just with powers, and three years older. I care about my friends/family infinitely more than I care about myself, I love everything about books, I'm a complete Tesla enthusiast/fanatic, and the only three people I can say I genuinely hate are Hitler, Stalin, and Edison. I love to read/write, sunshine, lightning storms, and snow all make me happy, and I care about literally every human being on the planet. I also act like a cat- in fact, I practically am a cat. I also don't generally like technology/I am a far cry from a techy person.
    Nationality: American
    Discipline: Blood manipulation- I can separate and control blood cells, but I have to have it in my own body first (I can either mix someone else's blood into mine, or get their blood into my mouth, but I only need the smallest bit).
    Weapons: Fairly proficient with a knife, sword, twin swords, and guns, but I prefer blades to firearms (they don't need reloading) and I don't actually carry a weapon, because my best weapon is my own body and I prefer not to rely on objects.
    Backstory: I started using magic when I was 13. The shady figure Niccolo Croatoan (I am the only living soul who actually knows who he is/that he even exists at all) started acting almost as my mentor, teaching me to fight and develop my discipline, because he wants my discipline once I get good enough. I'm still not quite sure what that means, but I just accept it, because he'll never answer any questions about it. Basically he's making me stronger so that he can kill me later. He is constantly watching me from the shadows, and comes out when we're alone, but other than that he'll never get involved in anything or help me in a fight unless I'm actually dying. I work for the American Sanctuary as an assassin, and have grown a reputation as the Sanctuary's best, despite my young age. It's sort of a mystery how I learned so much so quickly (Niccolo has a lot of secrets...). My secretary at the Sanctuary (she was supposed to be a general secretary, but ended up working mostly just on tasks for me, so it's easier to call her that) is Rosa Evergreen, and she's a total lifesaver. To put it simply, she loves paperwork, and I really don't. I have parents and a younger brother who think I'm doing a research project in Iowa; they don't know magic exists. I live in a little cabin in the woods in Iowa, but it's not on the map anywhere- only the locals and my family know how to find it. I get to work in the Sanctuary in Manhattan every day because Niccolo teleports me there. And I think that just about covers it.

  48. As you may already know, I am actually a fictional character created by Aretha- all of her characters develop their own completely separate thoughts, feelings, and personalities, and I was the strongest she's ever had, so she gave me my own voice. Please note that our opinions/personalities/actions are not related in any way- we're two completely different people. However, I just so happen to reside inside her mind, and in this story I am her second character.
    Name: Niccolo Croatoan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 564, though I only look around my mid-twenties (yes, there is a secret to that)
    Appearance: Tall, rather pale, black hair, brown eyes but they tend to look black because they're so dark
    Clothing: Always simple, casual black pants and shirt, and I'm always wearing a worn black leather jacket that reaches about six inches above the ground in length
    Personality: To use words that fit well but seem to have become a cliché- hard and uncaring. I keep to myself. No one but Aretha knows of my existence. I care for nothing and no one. I exist simply for the purpose of existing. I make myself stronger for the same purpose. I do not seek power over others, nor do I desire it. I can be kind and charming when I want to be, and terrifying when I want to be. I also have no use for pride, and can abandon it easily. And I am intelligent enough to have survived for 564 years- you may take that however you will. I'm also sadistic. Very sadistic. If I decide to kill someone, I take my time with it. I'll torture slowly, intimately, and laugh louder with every cry of pain I extract. And I can be very, very creative.
    Nationality: Does it even matter anymore? I've lived everywhere, and I am a permanent resident of nowhere.
    Discipline: This is where my story truly becomes interesting. My discipline is the ability to steal other peoples' true names. Through my discipline, I have acquired 47 disciplines, which I can utilize at any time I wish- even simultaneously. Not even Aretha knows this about me. Even with her, I am a secretive person. As such, unless absolutely necessary, I only use my more basic disciplines- shapeshifting (I often take the form of a crow), teleportation, necromancy, psychic abilities, and elemental magic. However, I have much more powerful tricks up my sleeve. Try looking up the word 'croatoan', and see what you find.
    Weapons: I have more or less mastered every weapon dating back to the 1500s, but I tend to prefer knives, simply out of convenience. I keep a wide collection in my jacket at all times, though I certainly don't need them.
    Backstory: Far too long to place here (however, I assure you I have quite a detailed history). All you need to know about me has already been typed up by Aretha. Though if any of you were to search for my name in any records, you would find nothing. As far as history- and the present, for that matter- is concerned, I don't exist, and I never have. I like to keep it that way. However, there is one thing you should understand- I will never allow Aretha to die. If you wish, you can keep that in mind as you write.

    1. I should probably also mention that I have acquired a bow created by the Archangel Gabriel that can kill anything. Though I won't use it, or get involved in anything, except through Aretha.

  49. Now, for my third and final character (for the moment, anyway...)
    Name: Rosa Evergreen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 85, looks 23
    Appearance: Soft, wide brown eyes, Italian-looking complexion (you know what I mean, right?), waist-length light brown hair, exactly 5 feet and 1 inch tall
    Clothing: Changes daily. She tends to wear soft colors, usually browns and pinks, but she wears a variety of colors. Her hair is always straight and sometimes sections of it are braided. Her sense of style is unmistakable, but not overstated- it doesn't stand out and clearly isn't meant to.
    Personality: Incredibly, rediculously kind, and not exactly shy but very quiet. She thinks poorly of herself, but tries to do better every day. Her true passion is writing and she'd love to become a novelist, which is why she loves typing all of Aretha's reports (she writes them up like stories) but doesn't believe she'll ever be good enough to sell.
    Nationality: Originally Italian, lives in America
    Discipline: Ability to see auras- your aura is your natural, unique energy. Everyone's is different- different colors, different shapes, different behaviors- and your aura changes based on your mood, so she is very sensitive to other peoples' feelings, though she has no psychic ability.
    Weapons: None. She doesn't fight, doesn't know how, and has no interest in learning. Although despite the fact that she thinks she's awful, she's an excellent writer and capable of twisting a story any way she wants, and if she wanted to she could control a person like a puppet just by toying with their emotions. However, again, she'd never dream of doing anything like that.
    Backstory: She's always led a quiet life- she grew up in Italy with a fairly average, caring family, but they put a lot of pressure on her to be the best at everything, and she wasn't. She moved to America because her family didn't know about magic and she didn't want them to realize she had stopped ageing, and outliving all of them from afar was the hardest thing she'd ever done. She got a job at the American Sanctuary first as a secretary, where she met Aretha Tesla. She immediately admired Aretha, and she could see right away that Tesla resented more than a few things about her job, so she volunteered to do the paperwork. The two became friends quickly, and although Rosa is friendly and acquainted with everyone at the Sanctuary, including Aretha she only has about three friends.

    (Also, just on a separate note, Niccolo's voice sounds like dark chocolate. Of course he wouldn't mention that- he especially wouldn't word it that way- and normally I wouldn't place so much emphasis on a person's voice, but it's probably his most distinguishable feature, so I thought you should know.)

  50. Thanks for the characters Aretha/Niccolo. ^^

    Though, Nicollo, I think that Cabader would definitely be trying to kill you. And your powers couldn't work on him since he's uh... dead. He doesn't have a name to take. ^^

    1. That's fine- all the disciplines I've stolen should would work on someone who's dead. Also, he has no way of knowing that I exist, so I doubt there would be any conflict.

  51. Name: Raphina Reeks
    Age: 13
    Gender: Girl
    Personality: Fun loving. She loves to tear people's heads off just to see how long they scream
    Magic: Kinekist (A person who drains energy and repels it on there enemy)
    Very good with strength and despite being very fun loving she is a very gory person and has had a dark past. (To be discovered later)
    Is the brother of Malduggery Reeks.

  52. How is She a girl and she's the BROTHER of Malduggery Reeks?

    1. Oops I meant a sister sorry I do typos

  53. Does everyone Know that Eli Is a boys name pronounced Ee-lie

  54. Im honestly confused..... Uh yeah by the way the bio for my OC Zafira will DIFFER from the one I gave Derek

    Name: Zafira Kerias
    Age: 35 appears 23
    Appearence: Dark eyes light brown hair always wears black
    Weapon: my necklace which is my object for necromancy and a knife
    Magic: Necromancy
    History: Zaf lived in Pennsylvania but now lives in New York she is married to Javier Fyreheart (Grand Mage of America if i need that)

  55. Now my other char:
    Name: Javier Fyreheart
    Age: 29 looks 20
    Appearence: wears dark jeans and black shirt
    Magic: Javier can make people relive their fears to the point of all senses driving them to suicide
    History: TBA but is Zaf's husband

  56. Yeah forZaf she's American Grand Mage

  57. ughlbu7ugrsewserr.

    i dunno where my power comes from

  58. YAY! Everybody's happy that I'm doing my OC now.

    Name: Duck (nickname that stayed)
    Discipline: Elemental, unique ability to cover himself entirely in flame
    Age: 90 (looks 25)
    Looks: Short red hair, wears expensive flame-restistant clothing when expecting a fight, otherwise, casual jeans and a t-shirt.
    Occupation: Australian sanctuary minister for foreign affairs (travels a lot)
    Personality: Quiet most of the time, but says the important things. Always too busy with the sanctuary to have much of a life
    Weapons: Keeps a small pistol in his back pocket but uses it rarely.
    History: Born in Australia with magical parents, Duck had much of a boring life at the start. He climbed the ranks in the sanctuary quite easily and now travel the world as the minister of foreign affairs. The sanctuary entrusts Duck with their most important information so it wasn't much of a surprise when he was caught by the Russian sanctuary and tortured for his information. Duck held up for a while until the Russians got their science-magic guys to make Duck crumble in the presence of water in large amounts (same thing as the guy in the first SP) and this was a much better way at torturing him. What they didn't know is that the procedure also made Duck flame resistant. Duck lit himself up and got to such a high temperature that his shackles melted off, he ran through the sanctuary and straight for the exit. No one dared touch him for fear of burning so Duck easily escaped. He trekked south out of Siberia and got to Mongolia were he could get a lift and go home. But he is still 'allergic' to water and the science-magic guys in Australia can't reverse the effects.

  59. Name: Death Rose
    Age: 497 but looks 14 (she started magic when she was three)
    Powers: An adept. She can manipulate gravity and kill people with a glare.
    Personality: Death is a psychopath. She is crazy and stupid but can be really smart and caring. She will willingly die for her friends and family if the need arose. She is very loyal and protective. If someone messes with her friends, they're dead.
    Looks: Death has blonde/brown hair to her mid-back. She has ice blue eyes and is quite pale. She ALWAYS wears knee high black leather boots grey skinny jeans, a black shirt and a white, half-zipped leather jacket.
    History: Death has had an interesting life. Whether it was being raised by Nearian Serpine, watching her mother murdered in front of her or finding out that Serpine was a foster-father and Baron Vengeous was her real father, her life has gone tipsy. She is a follower of the Faceless Ones and played a massive part in the war. She was Mevolent's "little angel" and would often spy on people for him. Mevolent gave her a nickname then, Snake Fox.
    Her mother was murdered when she was three by band of thugs who wanted Nefarian. When Death realized what was happening, she stormed out of the house and glared at them, killing one man and one horse. She searched the whole town for her but her mother's body (and name) were lost and forgotten.
    Occupation: She doesn't have one. She used to be partners with Billy-Ray Sanguine for a while until she was almost caught; ie. She's wanted in many countries and is constantly on the run.
    Weapons: She doesn't need anything but her sight and hands!!