Sunday, 5 May 2013

OK - Prologue

So we've got the storyline, the characters and the villains sorted. Feel free to post anything on the previous posts if you haven't done already and I will get back to you ASAP.

So this is what we're doing:

The first parts of the story will be introducing the characters and they will slowly get to know one another. It will be good guys vs bad guys for a start to keep things simple.
Every 2 weeks, though, after our characters have met, that is, we will go on to a post and talk. We will talk AS our characters, in like a role-play kind of thing. Then someone will be voted to write it up into a story form.
Later on in the story, there MAY be a mix-up depending on how things work out. Then our characters would work with the villains depending whom they would get along with.

REMEMBER: If you character has bad intentions etc, they will be a villain.

Also: I will be using the themes of the latest part of my SP Fanfic (Part 10) that's on my blog. It would be a good idea if you could all read it so you would understand. The link is:

And yeah, here is the prologue kind of thing. It is from Ytol Heas' (one of my villains) point of view:

There was a sensation of falling. Like he had just woken up from a bad dream. Then Ytol Heas opened his eyes again. Finally.
All around him there was darkness, apart from a harsh white light that nearly blinded him.
He realised he couldn't breathe. Every time he tried to intake breath his lungs filled with liquid. Water. Salty water.
Ytol felt his brain coming back to life. A sudden surge of thoughts and feelings and memories. He remembered everything perfectly. Everything tiny detail of his plan. And how it had failed. He had made Mevolent, then he had been killed.
It was a shame, really. The great things he could have done...
His magic came back a second later, and he made himself grow gills either side of his neck. He could breathe again. Even water filling his lungs felt good after the long period of darkness.
Then he turned his attention to the light. It was someone in a diver's helmet. They paddled silently in the water and just stared at him.
Ytol couldn't help but wince as his slightly decomposed flesh started knitting and knotting back together.
He moved with the speed of a cleaver. He grasped the person by the throat so tight he felt their blood straining to get through his iron-tight grip.
"Who are you?" he hissed, "What did you do to me?"
He yanked off their helmet and transformed the water around them into air. He got rid of the gills and loosened his grip on their throat slightly.
It was a girl.
She was about fourteen, with black hair and it seemed black eyes with no pupils. Her skin was cracked and blistered around her eyes and mouth, and seemed to also glisten black.
The girl placed a hand on his wrist, and with unnatural strength she twisted his hand away.
"My name is not important," she said, hissing slightly at the end of each word, "Neither is what I am. I didn't do anything to you. I did something for you. I have the power over life and death. I have brought back some of the most powerful people you can imagine and convinced some of those who aren't deceased to join us in a quest for greatness. A quest for destruction. And now I am asking you to join us."
"What if I refuse, and decide to kill you?" Ytol asked curiously.
"You will not manage. And I will leave you here at the bottom of the ocean in the wreckage of the plane you decided to use as your headquarters. How could you be really that stupid? That's just an open invitation for your plans being ruined."
"I also know another thing that stopped me," he spat, "Dragona Pine."
The girl smiled, displaying an array of black glistening fangs, "If you join us, you can get to destroy Dragona Pine in any way you wish."
"Then I accept," Ytol said quickly, "I accept your proposal."
"You will be a valuble contribution to our cause," the girl said, "That you will indeed."
"May I ask who we are going to kill?" he asked.
"Everyone," she replied with another gentle smile, "We're going to kill everyone Mr Heas. And it's going to be beautiful."
"You're crazy," Ytol pointed out, "But I like your style."
The girl smiled again, then hissed, "If we're going to kill everyone, first we need to target those who could cause but a minor irritation... I hate being annoyed."

Make sure, during the first posts etc it just kind of introduces your character. Maybe a little bit of a fight scene or something so we all know how they fight, but we won't introduce the villains yet. I'll do a post about it after all those who are actively contributing (as in, are willing to do so immediately) have all done at least one post. It will be better that way, so people get to know the characters.


  1. Brilliant prologue. :D Before this I didn't understand the whole "villains all come back to life" thing. ^^

  2. So are we free to post now?

  3. Brad, yes. As long as you just introduce your character in the first post and stuff. There'll be more posts for when the characters meet if they don't already know each other and the villains are introduced into everyone's stories.

    But it is advised to read my story, as I said up there. ^^

  4. OK, will read then post my story

  5. Awesome. :)

    I'm almost caught up, anyway . . . Writing the OC.

  6. Damn. Uh. Just pretend I'm Star . . .

    I'm being Hunter on the blog atm, so. :P

  7. OK, have read the rest of story Dragona, have left a comment! Will begin writing my characters story!

  8. Thanks Brad. And nah, he's no Batman. I just thought having the character in the story would add more drama, considering no one would know it was Dragona.

  9. So I'd have to write quite a few stories. One from Dragona's point of view, one from ITS point of view (refering to the thingy in my story). Then maybe one from my character's or something. Dunno. ^^