Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vortex - Part 1

Perhaps I should explain before I start. These parts with Vortex are going to be told the way that Vortex thinks. They will be broken down into essentials. I chose to write this way because I found I liked the idea of doing it like this. DON’T JUDGE ME!

A Room. In the room there was things. A desk. A chair. A laptop. Scrap metal. A wardrobe. A bed.

Sat at the table and in the chair was a man. Average build. Average height. Dark blonde hair. Not very long. Not too short. The clothes he wore are simple, and loose. A loose brown and white shirt, a tee-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. If you were sitting on the desk you would be able to see his eyes. Like a storm in the night. Incredibly dark blue clouds over black with occasional sparks and flashes. No pupils. The man was examining his arm. You could have seen a straight surfaced bulge on either arm, if you were there, but you weren’t. 2 long pincers slid out from under the skin on each arm. Each one deadly sharp and specially made for delivering killer blows to one’s neck. A single snap would kill most people instantly. The man sighed. But that only applies to certain dimensions.

Another man walked in. His Hair is dark, his eyes are acid green, and he was wearing a suit. He was very angry. If someone other than the man, who was called Vortex, was there, they might say his eyes were glowing and his hair was steaming, but Vortex knew that was highly unlikely. Ytol could do many things, but he doubted he would waste his time on aesthetics like that.


“I negated Komodo as part of this battle, as you told me too.”


“Precisely. Even if Komodo manages to kill Komodo, Komodo will be wanted by the sanctuary.”

“But he’s a PSYCHOPATH! Sociopaths are OK, but this guy will kill our people.”

“No he won’t.”

“How do you know that?”

“I know because Komodo won’t want to get on our bad side. He knows we can kill him in an instance.”

Ytol sighed. “Yes, you’re right. I freaked out for a moment there.”

“Yes, you did. Because you don’t trust me. Because you’re an immature child.”

This time Ytol’s eyes really did flash. Possibly a sudden surge in angry power? Vortex grinned at the reaction from Ytol. He calmed down, and tried to remember that Vortex did things like this for sport. Vortex was a mistake. He was not meant to happen, and he enjoyed embodying this existence. “Watch it,” Growled Ytol. “I could kill you in a millisecond.”

“You say that as if you think that threats are sneaky. You would have to catch me off guard, and for me, things move 25% slower. You wouldn’t be done thinking by the time I had run away. And you forget that I can provide a fate worse than any death.”

Ytol glowered. “Well, just, don’t fuck shit up, Okay?”

Vortex grinned, and Ytol stalked off. Vortex turned back into his desk, and continued to examine the Pincer blades. All of a sudden, Vortex straightened up, a stared at one spot on the wall, then outside his window. He stretched out his hands in both directions, and a spinning vortex of black and white that was crackling with energy appeared, depositing a young man (who was in the middle of a punch), and swallowing up some of the scrap iridium on the floor.

The young man straightened up. He had black styled hair, a black trench coat, a black tee-shirt, with the outline of a dead man in white, and black Jeans. The young man noticed the mage standing there and became furious.

“What the fuck did you just do!”

“I believe I just saved your life, Unkindness Poe.”

Unkindness straightened up. “What from? I had the guy where I wanted him, that punch would have broken the lower half of his face off,” He leaned in. “And how do you know my name?!?”

“Breaking the lower half of his face off would have broken open his plastic molar, the electronics of which were sending a signal to a bomb in the floor underneath you to NOT go off. I advise that when I send you back, you aim for the stomach, and take the full head as a spoil of war.”

“That still doesn’t answer my-” but he was gone, and in his place was a rapidly disappearing vortex, and a small amount of iridium.

“It’s a good day to be a nuisance,” said Vortex.

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  1. Every time I post something I want to make a new OC. CURSE YOU BRAIN AND YOUR BRANCHING THOUGHTS! CURSE YOU!