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Trip Castalan: Pet Projects

Trip Castalan: Pet projects

Before I start I would like to thank Dragona, because if this hadn't been about to start my brain probably would've exploded from all the plot lines running around in my head for mc, even though I couldn't join. I was starting to slip back into the frame of mind I was in when my cat died, so this has literally stopped my brain exploding. Thank you.

Detective inspector Albatross looked across the bound cell at the captive, the lights that covered every surface were blinding, but it was the only safe way to ask his question. “Come on, tell me. You’re safe here, there’s no way he can get to you. There are no  shadows, and every inch of this room is watched by at least two cameras. So I’ll ask again, what happened when Trip Castalan tracked down your organisation, the ‘channeler assassins’ and supposedly killed your leader and five of your members.”
“I will not tell you anything,” spat the prisoner in a thick eastern-European accent, “I have no desire to die for your foolishness.”
“Well that is a shame, because from what I’ve heard, he kills both the interviewer and the interviewee, regardless of whether the question is answered, so do please tell me, and smile for the camera.” The captive was just about to re-enact the french siege scene (You know, ve fart in your general direcsion, English pigs! etc) from monty python’s the holy grail, when Trip Castalan walked in, sadistically smiling. “You know, you really are an idiot, you went to all this trouble to stop me turning up, and you leave a nice little door for me to walk through.” He said, a claw of energy appearing on his hand, all the colour draining from Albatross’ face. Trip used his left hand to pick Albatross up by the neck. “The cell... it’s... bound...” he said, choking. Trip shoved the claw into Albatross’ stomach, relishing his screams of anguish. The captive tried to bolt for the door, but Trip’s hand glowed a malicious dark purple, and the prisoner was coated in a thin layer of energy, and was lifted into the air. “You’re not leaving the party so soon?” He asked, his voice dripping with mock sadness. “What a shame.” He started to slowly close his left hand, and the captive appeared to be in pain. Then Albatross heard bones crack and snap. Blood started to explode from the captive’s skin, it pressed up against the energy and Albatross heard him start to drown in his own blood. Then he heard a loud squelch and a bang as Trip closed his hand into a fist, grinning with delight. Then he opened his hand and the mushed up remains of the captive fell onto the floor with an audible slosh. Albatross looked on, his face a mask of sheer terror, completely forgetting about Trip’s claw in his chest, Trip decided to give him a friendly reminder by crushing it, The detective inspector’s screams cocaine to his ears. He threw him on the floor, and stepped on his chest, feeling the detective inspector’s ribs crack, but kept going. He felt his foot go into Albatross, crushing his heart and lungs. The interrogator screamed an animal howl of sheer pain, long and unbreaking, until only blood bubbled up from his throat, making only a slight bubbling noise. Trip used energy to pick up Albatross and smash him into the cameras positioned around the room, but audio was still available and all that could be heard was Albatross’ final minute long screech of agony as Trip finished him...

  (Note: In most of my fight scenes unlike the one above, each sentence covers roughly a half to two seconds)Trip Castalan ran into the room, blades of energy under his arms, he was in a melee mood. He jumped and embedded one straight in his first opponent’s face, killing him instantly. He dissipated the energy and twirled down low, crouching. He bounced back off his toes and punched another sorcerer in the face, left handed. Then he placed his right hand on the man’s face and sent in  a solid pillar of energy, destroying his brain. A woman drew a sword in front of him, and he exploded energy out from inside her, utterly annihilating her. He kicked open the door to the next room and surveyed his opponents. 7, no ranged weapons, 3 melee, 2 elementals and a necromancer, no other information could be gleaned. He drew his sword and filled it with soul energy, limboing under an electrified chop. He came up behind his assailant and used energy to pull him into his sword. He heard someone running up behind him, he sent a fist of energy straight out from his back, and heard a smush as it went through his would be attacker. He with drew his sword from his previous opponent and flung him over his shoulder, blocking a fireball whilst twisting around. He caught a spear and sliced it across someone’s chest, then he quickly stabbed it up and through their brain. He felt the air get displaced as someone swung a sword at him, he placed hardened energy on the would-be impact zone and turned to face the necromancer. But the impact never came, but he saw a flash of purple, making a mental note to thank Hypsin later. As he finished turning  he saw a cleaver fighting an elemental. This left only the elemental, the necromancer and a woman with crimson red eyes. Trip deflected the daggers of arrows lazily, then moved forwards incredibly fast and drove his sword through the necromancer’s chest. Then he used a wall of energy to crush the necromancer on the wall, quick and almost painlessly as he felt the air ripple and the cleaver shout. As he spun around he corrected himself, a cleaver shouted, there were three now, and one scythed the elemental in place while another took his head off. Then the woman with crimson eyes appeared, she smashed a cleaver straight into the ground with a primal roar of rage. At the same time the cleaver who had been air rippled away leapt off the wall, hoping to get her between the shoulder blades, but she spun around and smashed him into the ground while kicking the other in the chest. He slammed into a wall with a horrible crunching sound. Trip snapped into action, he slammed her across the room into the wall using energy, but all she did was grunt. He ran at her with his word, ducking under a swipe, knowing it was pretty much only luck that his head was still on. But she kept going around and punched the wall, which appeared to hurt her. Trip slashed diagonally, in an attack she couldn’t escape, intending to cut her in half. But she backhand blocked, only getting a nasty cut where his magical sword should have gone right through it. Then she grabbed it with her left hand and through it across the room, only getting burned by the heat of the sword, Trip saw her veins throbbing, blood was pouring out that cut at a tremendous rate an her eyes were going a paler shade of red. He barged her into a corner then used energy to fling her over his shoulder and smash her onto the concrete floor head first. He leapt up, going to land on her chest and wind her, but she caught his knees. He knew she would crush them if he didn’t act fast. He spread his knees apart and kicked her in the chin by rotating his knees. Then as she released in pain, he landed on her chest. His knee hit her solar plexus, his other on the floor. HE pulled back his fist, energy snaking around it, this would go right through her head. But as she looked up, he realised he just couldn’t seem to bring himself to kill her. His calm, rational battle state of mind was telling him she was a threat and needed to be eliminated, but he couldn’t finish her. They both just stayed there for a long couple of seconds, the red receding from her eyes, until she passed out. He stood up and sent a trail of energy to pick up his sword while shouting “Clear!” He walked out the door and put the sword back in it’s sheath. Xephos smiled at him. “Sounded rough in there, lots of wall slamming?” He asked
“Yeah, fat lot of use you’re being, Mr.enhanced strength. Did we get the waiting rooms cleared out?”
“Yep just the interview room left, it’s up ahead. No sign of her yet.” Said Hypsin.
“Then she’ll be in there then, best get a move on! Thanks for the save by the way. I’ll take point, Hyspin and Xephos behind me. Cleavers form up in pairs behind them, when we get in surround the perimeter of the room. We are to take her into custody. I beat the detectives to it!”He said in an authoritative tone, apart from the last sentence, which he said with palpable glee. They advanced cautiously towards the iron door, the very air buzzing with expectancy. Trip tiptoed up to the door and, with an energy coated hand, flicked the lock, and it smashed out of the door, which swung lazily open. He stepped in, slowly. He blocked a hand that smashed in from the side at an impossible strength, turning on his heels. What he saw in front of him was nothing short of an abomination. Like something that had stepped out of a nightmare, a girl stood before him. She really was just a girl, clearly barely in her teens. But that wasn't what was so shocking, she had soul eating pit black eyes, no whites, just staring black. Her skin was cracked and blistered around her facial features, which all held an odd sheen of black. He countered with a palm to the face, which she ducked under, so he swung his leg in a wide arc, getting her in the chest. But his leg kept going, supported by energy it threw her across the room. She landed on her feet, chuckling. she tapped the underside of the desk, the only feature in the concrete room apart from the metal chair behind it. The door slammed shut, cutting Trip off from his allies as it melded with the walls. But then the floor began to sink into the ground, faster and faster they went. It was like a lift that had it’s cables cut, and the safety mechanism had failed. Trip crouched down, one hand on the floor, but the girl just stood there. Then it abruptly stopped, he could hear shouting from up above, with his friends trying to break the door and Xephos punching it, he had super strength after all. For now anyway. He stood up, and looked at the smiling girl, he could feel the malicious intent radiating off her. “You’re in big trouble missy. Didn’t you think that we would find you? You’ve been advertising! You didn’t think we’d pick up on something this big? I’ve been hunting you for months!” Said Trip, both of them beginning to circle. “I did not think you would not find me... I just did not care. I do not fear you or your silly little organisations.”
“So many people do not, and that is their downfall. Fear makes us rational, fear keeps us safe, fear, keeps us rooted in reality. By releasing your fear, you believe you have released a weakness, but really you have released your survival mechanism.”
“I have not released my fear, I merely do not feel it towards you. I could destroy you on the slightest whim.”
“In which case I am arresting you for disturbing the peace, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to create unrest, breaking multiple zoning laws by making this hole and digging up dead bodies without consent from next of kin.” said Trip.
“I’m afraid I cannot allow that, you see, I control life and death and have great plans, which you will not disturb.”
“You aren’t going to resurrect Mevolent are you?” asked Trip with a grimace. “Because that’s a really old one.” The girl just smiled at him, and they circled for another few seconds and then a metal piece of wall fell from the sky and Trip heard exclamation from above as Trip heard his friends discover the massive hole. Trip took out his shackles, “Come quietly now, or I can get retrospective permission to use lethal force.” he said moving towards her. She moved forwards impossibly fast and crushed them in her hands. He push kicked her across the room and splayed his hand in her direction. Energy exploded her from the inside out, obliterating her. He breathed a sigh of relief, that could've been much harder than it had been. He turned to the wall, about to lift himself up with pillars of energy when he saw a piece of flesh sliding across the floor. He turned around and saw her being reconstructed from the feet upwards, her clothes melded with her skin as she reconstituted herself. But it wasn’t possible! She had no brain to order herself to rebuild, no one could do that... Her head finished reassembling, and she just stood there, smiling. Then she laughed. “What are you?” asked Trip. “What are you?!” he screamed.”Your worst nightmare...” she replied, in a cliche way, clearly mocking him. Something clicked in Trip at that moment, not anger, but a realisation. He shouted and sent a ripple of energy at her, but she tapped it and it shattered, going a cold, hard purple, falling to the floor. “You see Mr.Castalan, soul is life force, everyone has their own, but I control life and death, is it not natural I am impervious to your attacks?” she asked. Trip fired lasers, used energy ripples, sent tentacles and a destructor beam but nothing worked, she just deactivated them all. “Toodles!” She said, wiggling her fingers. Ytol Heas appeared behind her and they teleported away. “Damn...” muttered Trip, wandering over to the desk. He found the sigil he was looking for, tapped it and the floor started to rise. He leaned on it, feeling old, exhausted. He thought back to when he had first started looking into it.

  About two months before he had found a man spraying darkness rising on an alley wall. When he questioned him about vandalism he merely said he didn’t care, finished his work and ran off. Trip had been looking into these pieces of grafitti, regular people didn’t spray darkness rising, they did street art and luKaz waz ere squiggly line. No one picked up on this, apart from Trip. It was his job after all. He had submitted a threat report when he found the same man stabbed by a pike of energy by a protective sigil at his home, halfway through writing darkness rising. It wasn’t taken seriously, so Trip looked into it further, he started to really get somewhere. It was popping up everywhere. Regular detectives were on the case, he was happy to share his knowledge. It was still his investigation though, nothing had happened to display any real threat. Then they attacked the English sanctuary, and the investigation was out of his hands. But it was still a pet project of his. He had found this little interviewing parlour, where people went to join the organisation. So he sent word to the detectives, commandeered some cleavers and attacked. He had realised they were raising the dead only recently, and only truly believed it when  he saw Ytol with his own eyes. And now they were gone again, but he had leads, the detectives had the same leads, it was almost a game to him. Who would figure it out first? Only skill would tell. The floor stopped moving and after a brief conversation with Hypsin and Xephos they left and called the sanctuary, telling them that the main members escaped, but all the applicants were dead. He headed home by teleporter, payed him and walked in. As  much as he wanted to sleep he had another pet project to work on. This one was bigger than this one could ever be. In his opinion of course.


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