Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kodo Devant - Part 1

I'm pretty sure that all of Kodo's parts are going to end up being fairly short, as he is the pure nemesis and bane of Komodo, and the encounters between them are going to be told from Komodo's POV soooo... Yeah.
15 May 2013

People. People people people. Since I’ve come to this world, that’s all I’ve been seeing. It’s disgusting, but also wondrous. It provides me with PREY. In the Crimson City, the REAL one, it’s rare that I’m blessed with ten, let alone hundreds. I guess it’s time to start the culling. This city is impure. I can feel its filth. Like a bloated cow, waiting to DIE. Everywhere I go, I see their daily stupidity and sheep-like personalities.

Since I’ve come to this world, two things have been on my mind constantly, buzzing around in an incredibly irritating fashion. “Ytol Heas”. “Darkness Rising”. What this means, I do not know. I DO however know, that there is another me in this world. He is not stupid, but he has friends, an obvious weakness in his strength.

The people of this world do have benefits, such as music, hilariously stupid antics, things such as these. I have noticed that some of these songs, coincidentally, suit my current situation. Dirty Harry, being one. And O Green World. Though, for me, it’s O Red World. My old Crimson City, how I pine for thee. Hehe. Not really. I have no emotional attachments to the Crimson City. Apart from the corpses and a few different people, they’re pretty much the same. I have no Qualxs with this world. It’s good. A bit too green though. A bit too, dull.

Earlier on, I was buying a new set of headphones off of a delightfully idiotic cashier in HMV (We have none in the Crimson City) when I got a splitting headache. I now know that if I want to know why some jerk face sent me over here, I have to go to O 348 791. Wherever that is. But I’m sure that it has something to do with the Komodo Devious of this world. Because this is just too coincidental. There’s an infinite number of Dimensions and the one I get plucked to JUST HAPPENS to have a Komodo Devious? Something smells fishy about all this.


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