Thursday, 9 May 2013

Eli Brave: The Anti-Necromancer Necromancer.

Eli kicked the assassin in the stomach and punched him in the face. The assassin stumbled back clutching his stomach. He recovered quick though,  The assassin swung his scythe at Eli's face. he ducked and under it and flipped back. he landed on his two feet, thankfully, and whipped shadows at the his opponent.The shadows wrapped around the assassins neck and tackled him to the ground. Before he could pull away the shadows and stand up, Eli cartwheeled over to him and kicked him in the jaw. He gagged up some blood and his face became red. The shadows that Eli had threw were slowly strangling him. Eli took a small blade from inside his jacket and held it above the assassins  stomach but before he could drive the knife into his opponent ,  the assassins head rolled to one side and his body fell limp. The shadows had fully strangled him.

Eli left the park that the man had tried to kill him in.  It didn't really come as a surprise. It wasn't the first time the Necromancer Community sent an assassin after him. Ever since he left the  Temple, they had sent him multiple letters and warnings about how he couldn't tell anyone there secret and if he didn't come back then he would be killed. He obviously didn't listen. he hated the temple. he really hated the temple. his necromancer training wasn't finished at all and he had only recently got his necromancer weapon, but after he heard the truth about what his meaning was, after that, he left. He didn't want to do that.  In doing that, he could kill his loved ones or even himself. it was crazy. So he left and now he is and Anti-Necromancer Necromancer.

Eli drove around Dublin for a while, until he decided to pop into Easons to buy a new book he had read about. As he climbed out of his car and locked the doors, he noticed a man in a black hoodie standing in a dark corner at the end of the street. Eli knew he was staring at right at him even though he couldn't see his face. Eli raised an eyebrow at the man and turned away. He walked into Easons and glanced up at the digital clock on the wall. He nodded and moved into the maze of shelves.

He emerged from Easons with the new book in his hand. he loved reading magic books, just to see if the mortals authors got anything right about them.  He sat into his car and turned the key in it. The car spluttered, groaned and died. Eli tilted his head in confusion. He tried again but to no avail. he opened his door, walked around to the front and lifted up the bonet. Wrote on his car battery in graffitti was "Darkness Rising"

Eli stepped back and whispered, "Oh god".


  1. Awesome Brave. Can't wait for more. :)

  2. I wonder what they did to the poor car to keep it from working... 0.0

    I'm curious where he heard from the grafitti appearing in different places to make him that worried about it. Then again, someone managed to get to his car's engine without leaving a trace on the outside, that's admittedly worrying...

    To summarise, I'm curious. ^^

  3. Thanks Dragona.

    And Aqua, he dosn't know about it. But when someone breaks your car and rights "Darkness Rising" On your car engine you get panicked.

    1. Um... Aquila, please. Aquila means eagle. Aqua means water... ^^
      Don't worry, you're really not the first one to do that. ;)

      And, kk. ^^

  4. Cool chapter. I like how it ended with a foreboding tone.